Is DotCom Secrets worth reading?

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Do you have an online business you want to get up off the ground? If so, then yes, it’s a must-read. If you are about to start an online business or you are already into it and want to make it more profitable, and you aren’t already totally familiar with sales funnel design, then you should find it very helpful.

DotCom Secrets is a how-to book on internet marketing from a guy who, if he went out of business and retired today, would set the whole internet economy into a massive crash. That’s how influential Brunson has been on this part of the business world. His book is relevant to all types of entrepreneurs, be that beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

If I had to pin it down, I’d say it works best for more intermediate marketers, people who already have some degree of a successful business and want to scale it up. For people who haven’t made their first sale, it’s a little high-level. Despite that, even a total beginner, with enough motivation, could go all the way to six or seven figures on what Brunson teaches. It just depends on how ready for success you are.

Let’s get further into this.

I assume based on your interest in a book called DotCom Secrets that you have an entrepreneurial mindset and want to start or scale an online business. In online business, getting attention and beating the competition is hard, and devising a sales plan that actually turns a significant profit is a complex task. The secrets of the book, with the concept of sales funnels and how to design and utilize them effectively, make all of that much easier. It is subtitled the “Underground Playbook For Growing Your Company Online.” And that’s exactly what it is. It’ll grow your company if you do the things the book talks about, things that many competitors never do, or half-ass.

For a beginner, the book puts all the related concepts together in a really easy to understand way. The author puts forward a lot of actionable tips for entrepreneurs and doesn’t just throw general theory at you. In addition to the sales funnels, it teaches about communicating with customers, email marketing effectively, webinar scripts, etc. All this stuff, I’ve seen and/or taken paid courses exclusively on each topic, and this book has the essential takeaways from all of those.

It suggests strategies to settle up a lot of issues online and the most common pitfalls of making money with an online venture. This is not vague self-improvement level stuff, this is like your car is a business and you need a mechanic to show you what’s wrong with the engine. It’s technical, slightly complicated, but incredibly important to learn and apply for yourself. The ideas it presents can take your present marketing skills to the next level.

It’s also just a great book in general. The content of the book is well-written and informative while still being entertaining. The language is simple. It has an extremely effective use of pictures to clarify complex ideas. Above all, as its title suggests, it teaches marketing secrets. The premise isn’t a lie: most people still don’t know about this stuff.  I have a detailed review of the book on my website that states more points relating to it. If you are interested, you can check it out through this link.

In conclusion, anyone with an entrepreneurial mindset should read DCS at least once. If you are an entrepreneur or want to be one through an online venture, the time and effort put into reading it will not go to waste.

Please feel free to leave me a reply if you have any questions.

Good Luck!



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