Is it difficult to get traffic on your free blog? How many hours should I give to get a sufficient audience?

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Not at all! Provided you find ways of getting traffic efficiently, and you implement those ways in the right manner. To say by giving ‘X’ hours, you would get ‘Y’ amount of traffic would probably be a false assurance. But yes, you can traffic, and fairly quickly! If you would follow the method that I apply, you can get traffic with literally a few minutes of work per day.

First, to help you understand a little better, let me use an analogy. You might have heard that when you get someone to do something for you, you can have it up to 2 of 3 ways. Fast, cheap, and good. Fast and cheap won’t be good. Cheap and good won’t be fast. You get the idea. Well, I have a similar set of three traits of traffic building strategies: fast, cheap/free, and consistent. For clarity, consistent in this context means it will get you traffic long after you stop doing it. Consistent means building a source of traffic that operates on its own.

You sound like you are focused on time, and therefore want something that is at least fast. You can only pick 2 traits. So for you, it’s mostly a choice between fast and cheap versus fast and consistent. I’m working on a blog post now that gets into this more, and it’ll be ready soon. Please feel free to check my site or contact me if you’re curious about it later. For now, just keep those two choices in mind: fast and cheap, or fast and consistent.

I am going to recommend to you something that falls under the fast and cheap umbrella. The reason for that is fast and consistent strategies are generally hard to do and harder to explain without knowing more about a person’s specific situation.

With that said, here’s the method I recommend: Since as per your question, it seems that you wish to get the best results in less time, I’ll tell you my main method for getting traffic to my blog.

I apply One Minute Free Traffic (OMFT) to get traffic to my blog. It is a roughly one-hour-long video program teaching you how to get free traffic from just a few minutes of work per day. The results have been amazing for me so far. I would place it under the fast + cheap umbrella. If you work at this, and ideally dedicate some manpower to it, fast + cheap traffic building methods are super effective. Especially when you are consistent with using them, thereby resolving the only potential weakness of the method.

Put simply, if you want something good, and you’re willing to do some work and commit, OMFT works and is the winning combination of fast and cheap to do, ideal for newbies to website traffic.

I am not sure if you would like to see this answer getting lengthy if I give more details on OMFT here. That post would give you more details.

Please feel free to reply to me in case you need more explanation relating to the answer.

Good Luck!



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