Is it easy to become a famous entrepreneur?

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By popular, I assume you mean a successful personality-driven entrepreneur, such as a guru. An entrepreneurial journey is not as easy as it may appear. It requires a lot of compromises in life and changing certain habits, mindsets, and more. It also varies a lot depending on what you consider easy or hard. For instance, I think working a 9-5 job is hard. I just don’t like to do any one thing for that long. Other people might be the opposite and like the safety of doing the same thing all day. For them, the uncertainty of becoming an entrepreneur makes it hard. So in that sense, I can at least say that is isn’t easy for every single person, but it is doable and depending on your personality, easier than regular work. I would like to split this question into two halves for a better understanding so that you can get an exact answer.

Let the first half be becoming an entrepreneur, and the second half getting popular. There are a lot of people who wish to be an entrepreneur. Many become successful and also earn a lot of money. But their success stories do not come into limelight because it’s not a part of their branding. As a result, they do not become popular.

On the other hand, a few entrepreneurs perform exceptionally well. If their success stories get attention, then they become popular and wealthy at the same time. For any success story to come to the forefront, it ought to have exceptionally inspirational and interesting points. Usually, every successful entrepreneur’s story is inspiring and offers high contrast, low points leading up to the big success threshold. For example, Jason Capital tells the story of failing as an entrepreneur and moving back in with his parents before he hit his stride again and became a multi-millionaire soon after. Highs and lows, that’s what get people’s attention and draw people to an entrepreneur’s story.

Keeping aside the self-promotion process to gain popularity, most entrepreneurs do not find it easy to get popular in a world where every other person is trying to be an entrepreneur, and end up being successful, but not in an unprecedented manner, and definitely not famous alongside it.

Let’s consider my case as an example. I am an online entrepreneur and quite successful. I earn well, and the success in my case didn’t come easy. Anyone who knows me personally must be aware of my story of struggle, which could be an inspiration to many. But, I am still not popular. I built businesses that had no connection to me as a person, that did not make a name for myself. I focused on money alone. Honestly, I wish to be popular too, simply because it allows me to help others and make even more money at the same time. Despite earning and performing better than some popular entrepreneurs, I am lesser-known for now.

While talking on that, we should also not ignore that there are different levels of popularity. The topmost level is global. Some entrepreneurs might be famous in their locality, some in their regions, and so on.

The most important thing to remember if you want to build a personal brand and gain notability is to share and care. It means a successful entrepreneur always shares how he started his entrepreneurial journey. The aim is to inspire more commoners to enter entrepreneurship, or to take certain elements of his journey and experience into their own lives. Sharing that means he cares for others. No one who wasn’t a celebrity already can build this kind of fame without keeping those two words at the forefront of their marketing and brand building.

In keeping with that tradition, I would like to tell you that I started my journey with a book, which proved to be a life-changer for me. That book is “The 4-Hour Work Week” by Timothy Ferris.

In conclusion, based on experience, I would say it is not easy for literally anyone to become a popular entrepreneur. However, it is possible to do that, and easy for those who are comfortable in a non-traditional career path and who and embrace popularity.

Please feel free to reply to me if I can help you more in any way. I would be pleased to do that.

Good Luck!



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