Is it possible that I compose books and afterward venture to every part of the entire world by the money I acquire through it?

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The word impossible itself says I am possible. Everything is possible if you stay focused on your goals, be proactive, and take charge of yourself. I will not drain your interest in the reply with too much motivational talk. You will find a lot of motivational material online.

A novel with enough consistent sales can buy you a ticket to one of the world’s best destinations.

By the time you stay there, you can write another novel which will get you to another destination and so on. It seems like a cumbersome task to me, though.

You know better about your field. I can suggest some effective ways to make money through writing. Your novels are like money-making machines that you create one at a time. Do not forget to buy me a ticket too. Jokes aside, let us get straight to the point.

To meet your desired goal, you need to give the world a glimpse of your literary treasure. Make use of the power of the internet. In other words, develop a publicity strategy. If you are committed to a good strategy for traffic and visibility, you’re virtually guaranteed to make lots of money. 

If you haven’t done any of this yet, then channel your knowledge, creativity, etc. in the right direction. Find a way to share who you are and what your writing is like online (there are plenty of options). Getting a good number of online readers with a positive response to your novels is the secret key to your goal. These readers at your web address that can be either a website or webpage are technically known as visitors. These visitors are web traffic. Most of the writers today usually strive for getting traffic and building an online reader-base. Build an audience of people who want your book before it’s even published, and then the magic happens.

The magic part is yet to begin. A few months back, when I was working hard to get visitors to my web content, I got to know about Traffic Machines, claiming to generate good traffic by ethical means. Being a tech freak, I was eager to give it a shot and see if it was legitimate. To my surprise, it worked for me very well. If you’re interested, then my article One Minute Traffic Machines Review can be of great help. At last, I would sum up by saying in whatever way you go, it is possible to write novels and travel the whole world with the money you earn through it.

Good Luck!!


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