Is it possible to quit a job during COVID-19 and be rehired elsewhere?

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Of course it is possible. Rehiring would depend a lot on your present field of work and experience, and the effort you put towards getting new job leads. With a lot of job cuts during the pandemic, the statistics relating to unemployment have increased undoubtedly, leaving a few exceptions. If you stand out from the crowd, then the possibility of staying unemployed would vanish. How?

Let’s first talk about quitting the job. I would say that you are very lucky that you are planning to leave the job in such a situation when a large number of people are already out of their jobs without having a choice in the matter. Anyways, the consequence of all that is a large number of people are going to be available to work at lower wages, even the skilled ones who have abundant experience. It would be wrong to say that it applies to all job sectors. Some sectors like healthcare, essential services, etc. have more vacancies than ever. But it’s going to be a common trend post-pandemic.

With the present situation, the traditional nine to five jobs concept is slowing down, and working from home is getting more common. It’s very relieving to know that the latter concept has been a source of many new jobs, especially during this pandemic. Even the previous office jobs are following the latter concept. People are starting to finally discover how wasteful it is to drive back and forth to an office and stay there for eight hours every day when they could get the same work done from home.

Moving on from that, I’d like to focus on two options that I find suitable for you right now. If I knew a little more about your present job, I could be more specific. For that, please don’t hesitate in sharing more about your present job after reading this answer, I would be pleased to help you.

Coming straight to the point, you work upon 3S (which I’ll explain shortly), then the possibility of your rehiring soon will increase. At the same time, I would recommend you to not to quit your present job and keep looking for alternate job options until you’re very confident that you’ll land something new if/when you quit. Adding more to that, I can suggest you a lot of options with which you can start working from home with your present job, and consider that option as a part-time side gig until you make enough to quit your present job. To be clear, all that I have just discussed won’t be taking much time if you plan to implement it semi-seriously every day. Say, less than a week or a two before you start seeing encouraging results.

I am aware you must be curious to know about 3S that I touched in the last paragraph. 3S stands for: 

1) Be Skilled: That means, one should always keep on updating his/her present skills over time, as well as adding new skills to strengthen your profile. It always helps, even if you are doing a job already, planning to quit/switch, or whatever the professional situation may be.

2) Do Smart Work: Gone are the days when hard work is fairly rewarded. The present time is to do the same old tasks but in new ways which take less time or effort. Most workers do not have an efficient day at all, and a few slight changes would drastically reduce their time spent doing difficult or stressful work. In any sense, one should not misunderstand that smart work is an easy replacement for hard work. Hard work was, is, and will continue to be a key for success. It’s just that smart work brings along innovative concepts/tricks of doing the same old work. Smart work makes it so that you aren’t doing hard work every day for the rest of your life.

3) Stay Strong: Physically, being strong is always good, but here I mean mental strength. Try to be strong in the toughest situations. Don’t lose confidence in yourself, be positive, and always keep working till you don’t reach your goals. Most people think this is just a trait some people have and others don’t. That’s not true. Just like physical muscles, mental strength is grown intentionally and maintained.

Well, I have a lot more to stay on that. Being an online career guide, it always gives me immense pleasure to guide someone in the best way I can. As an initiative for that, I have made a post that discusses those 3Ss, suggests alternate job options as a replacement for traditional office jobs, and a lot more that can be helpful for anyone who is planning to quit a job or has already quit. If you are interested, then you can read my post: I’m Ready to Quit My Job YESTERDAY, How Do I Do It?

Don’t forget to leave me feedback once you complete reading that post.

In conclusion, rehiring is possible, provided you quit your job after proper planning.

Good Luck!

Stay positive! Stay safe!



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