Is it wise to quit a job and go for affiliate marketing?

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Depends on how much you 1: dislike your current job and 2: are willing to commit to making an affiliate gig work.

The more strongly you can agree with those two statements, the smaller a gap you’ll have to cross in order to safely and comfortably quit your job without any loss in income (more likely, an increase) afterward.

Affiliate marketing is a lucrative option as a career, but quitting an ongoing job only really makes sense if you intensely hate the job or it’s causing a serious problem, such as a moral dilemma or an abusive environment. If at all possible, it’s better to work on affiliate marketing until you can safely lower your job responsibilities down to part-time. You can bite the bullet and quit later when there’s no risk or minimal risk to your person, financially speaking.

But I do not know your situation, and it’s ultimately on you to decide when is the best time, for all the right reasons.

After reading the suggestions in this answer, you will be in a better position to decide when you should quit your job to run an affiliate marketing business. Let’s get into the details.

Before you quit or decide to quit your job, you should consider the following checklist of things:

#1 Research the pros and cons of affiliate marketing. I’ve done this stuff for years. Undoubtedly it’s a good career option, but it’s not as easy as people often imagine. You still have to get traffic and come across as trustworthy. In fact, trust matters even more because customers have to trust you as well as the business whose products you are affiliated with.

#2 Create short-term and long-term plans. Tim Ferriss likes to do 6-month and 12-month.

#3 Create a backup plan so that you may continue to meet your financial responsibilities in case your affiliate marketing plan fails or does not provide you the minimum required income. Be firm on these thresholds, so you know to get started on something else if you’re not on target

#4 Research the resources you will need to be fully active in affiliate marketing. Are you going to need to hire someone to make content to draw traffic to your site, or can you handle it? See what resources/talents you have and what you’re going to need someone else to provide.

#5 Try to leave your job on a positive note. Quit because it doesn’t make sense financially to work there anymore, not because you just can’t take it. Again, that’s only if your situation isn’t extreme, but it’ll make a lot of other things go more smoothly as well.

You also need to understand that affiliate marketing is basically starting a business, which means you are not going to get consistent, fast results immediately. Employees get fast, consistent payments, but business owners take a risk and suffer for a little while, wondering if it’s really going to work. You have to be ready for this waiting period to profitability.

The average clueless businessperson takes about two years to reach profitability, but you’re not average. As long as you keep educating yourself and don’t give up on the initial goal, which is an affiliate marketing business that’ll replace your job, you’ll get there, and likely much faster than the average person. But it’s not going to start making you tens of thousands of dollars after a month, or even after six if I’m being honest. Building a business is a process, and you get much, much better at it with experience, but that first time is going to have a lot of waiting.

That’s why, if at all possible, I would work at affiliate marketing part-time for as long as you can stay with your current job. Those regular checks are going to be very helpful while you establish your online platform and get traffic to your website.

For more advice, you can read my post: I’m Ready to Quit My Job YESTERDAY, How Do I Do It? You can check it on my website, it’s one of the older posts.

In conclusion, I appreciate your goals, but quitting your job requires some forethought, so make sure you know what you’re doing.

Feel free to explore the Knowledge Base section on my website for more affiliate marketing tips.

Good Luck!



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