Is telemarketing effective?

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Hi! I was quite successful in telemarketing for a while. I got into it a while back and learned plenty. To be clear, I am not into it presently as I am now an established online entrepreneur, but telemarketing can be effective. Let’s discuss more.

No doubt telemarketing is now getting replaced by new digital strategies, but that’s not because it is ineffective or something else, it’s like the new digital ways of marketing are comparatively cheaper and convenient to use. A recent study on it discovered, telemarketing has more than 6.3% conversion rate. Telemarketing is a personal, one-to-one way of selling something to somebody, right behind in-person contact though something like door-to-door sales.

If we compare telemarketing with other traditional marketing methods of its age, it is cheaper when structured correctly. After all, what’s it really cost to pick up the phone? In terms of cost versus effectiveness, it fights neck and neck with some of the latest methods. The key is to not play for pennies. Phone sales should be relegated to mid and high-level customers and clients who have a reasonable expectation of knowing who you are or caring what you sell. You cannot go generic, mass market with cold calling and expect good results.

Telemarketing does take some skill, and you have to both be personal and stay composed while under pressure. If you do it in the right manner, you can turn leads into clients easily, and with much less waiting or back and forth correspondence.

That said, while discussing telemarketing here, I would like to share a few tips for you:

1) Research your product/service well before calling someone.

2) Have a natural conversation, but prepare an outline on what points to talk about can be helpful.

3) Be choosy in picking the right time to call someone. For example, it isn’t wise to call a working professional during peak office hours.

4) Work, work, and work on your communication skills. There are two main reasons I am stressing on it: First, you can never stop getting better at communication, and secondly, good communication skills help in every profession and business endeavor, as well as your personal life. 5) Be prepared to handle the five common objections that customers usually have to buy anything. I have discussed those objections and their solutions in my article: 5 Deep-Seated Customer Doubts That Kill Your Sales (And How to Erase Them).

To sum up, telemarketing is an effective marketing strategy that holds value even today. It is unlikely to fade out, but it will take some choose targeting and good people skills.

Please feel free to reply if you have any questions. You can also explore the Knowledge Base section on my website for actionable tips on telemarketing.

Good Luck!



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