My organic traffic is zero. Why is it so?

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Hi, I can feel what you must be going through I’ve started, failed at, and succeeded with different websites, for over ten years. Let’s get into it traffic and where organic traffic really comes from.

After reading this answer, feel free to share the link of your website so that I can give you specific suggestions.

Let’s get straight to the point: organic traffic comes from visitors who were authentically surfing the web and happened upon your website for one reason or another. Organic traffic grows when you have a rewarding, valuable website that visitors stay on for a while, come back to frequently, subscribe to, recommend to friends, and share on social media. Put simply, organic traffic comes from being a good content creator, a good marketer, and a passionate, driven promoter.

Here are some common, likely reasons why you are not getting organic traffic:

#1 The niche of your blog may be very small or poorly marketed. Some markets like travel, health, science, lifestyle, etc. comparatively get more readers in their various niches. Really specific topics, academic topics, etc. are more difficult. Not impossible, just harder. Don’t worry about that. My final suggestion would work regardless of your niche, as long as the niche actually exists. Even if it doesn’t, there are some options that can work to create a niche and drum up interest in a totally new idea.

#2 Perhaps you do not update the content of your website regularly. If that’s the case, make a schedule, upon which you will post new content, no matter what, and also convey that to your regular visitors. Create and backlog some content in advance and schedule it, so you are a few steps ahead at all times and aren’t creating new content on the spot every time.

#3 I hope this one doesn’t make you uncomfortable, but there is a possibility that people do not like the content of your website, or it isn’t very appealing. For that, get honest reviews from close friends, or anyone whom you trust. Ask yourself: What value does your website offer to visitors?  Does it solve a problem, answer questions, motivate people? Etc. Is that what your potential audience generally wants? And how can it do those things better than competing websites? Looking at other websites in your field will help answer these questions. You can improve the features of the website or blog by adding visual elements, making content accessible, etc.

#4 The SEO measures of your website are not sufficient, or you are not doing them regularly. SEO measures are the basic requirement for any website to get organic traffic. Nobody is going to find a website in Google if it’s down on page 75 of the relevant keyword results. Make sure to do on-page and off-page optimization of the content of your website, proper keyword research, targeting long-tail keywords, internal and external backlinking, etc. regularly. All these strategies improve the ranking of a website, and lead to easier passive traffic than what you’d get through backlinking (even though that is also very important).

#5 You are not following proper methods to get web traffic such as social media posting, advertisements, and other usual ways. In other words, not enough promotion. The fact is, organic traffic still has to be encouraged and stimulated. You have to put your website out there for people to find. Some people will find you by searching for exactly what you have to offer and your site showing up as a relevant result, which is great, but I like to rely on traffic via scroll visitors. That means you create as much great content as you can online that makes people stop and look up your site, or click a backlink to visit the site. It’s not all about backlinking, but that is a big part of online promotion.

Please excuse me if any of the above points do not apply to you. The above are the usual possibilities I ask about when a website gets zero traffic. I’ll assume that you are really trying and committed to making your site visible to others.

By the way, it’s important to keep in perspective that it takes time to build organic traffic to a website. I cannot be specific with that, but as far as I have experienced, it usually takes four to six months, however after a month or so of consistent effort, a website starts showing spikes for the number of visitors, and many people start earning money from a website after that if they have a business model that works. That’s all under your control.

One method that has worked well for me in getting traffic to new sites is One Minute Free Traffic (OMFT).

In conclusion, patience is the key. Keep working at it, and do not base your mood on whether you are succeeding today or not. It’s going to take time. Of course, you will get the desired results if you don’t get discouraged and slow down or get distracted. It’s common and happens with almost every other person who has a website, but if you have a good site, those growing pains should fade as you become more visible and established in the algorithm.

Please feel free to reply to me if you have any questions.

Good Luck!



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