Should one quit before finding a new job?

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In an ordinary situation, no one should do that. I have more to share that you should know before you quit your job.

Firstly, it should be clear in your mind what to do next, after quitting the job. I am here to help you with that.

Everyone’s going to have their own reasons for quitting. Keeping those reasons in mind, you must make a fitting plan. For example, if you are quitting a job to switch to another job, then that itself is a plan. On the other hand, sometimes people quit a job to start a business. A few quit a job unplanned, due to the sudden circumstances. There can be many other reasons, and I don’t want to assume yours incorrectly. Still, just based on statistics, I assume you’re asking out of dissatisfaction with your current job and are eager to continue making money in some way, whether through a replacement job or other means. So let’s continue from that viewpoint.

Here are the three points to keep in mind before quitting a job:

1) Keep Plan A, B, and C ready, before you quit. Plan A should be the exact thing you will be doing after you quit. Plan B should be an alternate for Plan A. Plan C should be the most reliable so that if both the plans fail, you have something to maintain your current livelihood.

2) Foresee the financial, mental, career, and social impacts of quitting the job.

3) Deeply introspect the reasons to quit. Depending on those, plan accordingly. Sometimes reasons are temporary, and you find a different solution that fixes whatever problem made you want to quit.

Well, instead of giving unnecessary details, I preferred to be straight to the point. As an online career guide, I can be specific in my suggestions, if you would share more details. Please feel free to do that by replying to me, I am always pleased to help people, especially when it comes to jobs and careers.

More people than ever are quitting their jobs to either be an entrepreneur, earn money online, or both. I have also made a blog post:ā€ Iā€™m Ready to Quit My Job YESTERDAY, How Do I Do It?ā€ which can be helpful for anyone who is planning to quit a job, already has quit or lost their job due to present situations in the world. It’s also resourceful if you are looking for alternate job options.

Don’t forget to leave me your valuable feedback, once you read that post. Comments from my readers help me improve. šŸ™‚

In conclusion, one shouldn’t quit before finding a new job.

Good Luck!



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