What are some good ways to get free traffic?

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Of course! There are many good ways to get free traffic. . Before you pick a strategy, there are a couple things to consider, which I’ll get into below.

First, let’s go over a few good ways to get free traffic that should work, no matter your business or website type.

#1 SEO: 

One of the best ways to get free traffic. Since Google holds more than 70% of the search engine market share, it is really a no-brainer to optimize your website for Google. I’ll admit the results are slow initially, but SEO has long-term benefits and is a rich source of free traffic that you can reliably keep working on. Contrary to what makes people think about SEO, there’s not really a place where you have to stop. If you do it right, it’ll take a very long time before you hit diminishing returns, if ever. You just have to have the right mindset and be willing to expand into other search term categories.

#2 Mobile optimization:

Since the majority of internet usage is on mobile phones and similar devices now, it is advisable to optimize your website to be easy to use and good-looking on these devices, which can have varying screen sizes and shapes. It’s called responsive design, and it’s not difficult. If possible, look into Accelerated Mobile Pages.

#3 Create an android app:

Pretty self-explanatory, and if done right, it’s not very complicated, and it costs much less than the Apple store. There’s even PWA, a system that basically lets you operate an app for free, although that does offer certain limitations. The main challenge in making an app to get traffic for your business is finding a context where your potential customers downloading an app makes sense. You can’t just throw together an app as an alternative to visiting your website. That’s pretty lame, and doesn’t work unless you already have a successful, high-traffic brand. Give your app something exclusive or important that can’t be accessed anywhere else. For example, you could require customers to use the app to participate in community events you hold with your audience, such as giveaway contests.

#4 Build a social media presence:

Frequent, high-quality posts from multiple social media accounts WILL grow your website if you stick with it and are willing to take lessons and try new things.

#5 Guest posting:

Doing guest posts on high-traffic blogs and news sites can easily direct some of their traffic back to you.

There’s more, but I suggest that you do more research on whichever of these interest you and take action now. Feel free to contact me if you have questions.

Now, moving past some literal options, let get into the theory of judging a traffic method. Because in your journey, you’re going to see a lot of distracting potential ways to try and get traffic, and it’s easy to get stuck with mediocre results because you’re investing in too many directions at once.

As I said, there are numerous ways to get free traffic, so to pick something that really works well for you, you should consider the following three things.

  • Cheap/Free: Traffic can be expensive, so cheap or free tactics are always in vogue.
  • Fast: Does it get you traffic within a time frame of a few days or less?
  • Consistent: Will this give you traffic and then keep giving it for months or years after you’ve stopped?

Out of the above 3 things, you can pick only 2. You may have heard the old saying that when you get something done for you, that service can be up to 2 of 3 things, good, fast, and cheap. But never all three. The same general idea applies here, only it’s consistent, fast, and cheap.

Based on all that, there are three general avenues you can pursue to get more traffic, and specializing in one that appeals to you is usually a good idea:

#1 Networking (Cheap+Fast)

#2 Link Building (Cheap+Consistent)

#3 Paid Advertising (Fast+Consistent)

Since you’re looking for free traffic, you may want to focus on link building or networking. Both are cheap, it’s just that networking moves the needle faster but is harder psychologically, and link building is safer and more consistent, but slower to build.

I discuss all this further in my article Hunt Down The Three Little Pigs of Online Traffic.” If you are interested, you can read that on my website.

In conclusion, there are many good ways to get free traffic. The point is to pick the right ways that meet the traffic needs of your website and you as a person.

Please feel free to reply if you have any questions.

Good Luck!



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