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The traffic to a blog is a result of a combination of talent and smart work. Writing creative content that is acceptable by users is a talent/skill, whereas smart work is when you get readers for that content with minimal efforts. Those readers are the contributors of the traffic to your blog. Well, talent comes by practice. For smart work, I am here to help you. How?

The sooner you come to know to work smarter, the farther you’ll climb on the ladder to success. With that, I do not mean that hard work does not matter. It is and will always be a sure route to success, but that might be time consuming.

In my case, after I got to know the smart ways to increase the traffic to a blog, now it is more of a fun activity to me in comparison to the headaches it gave me during my initial days. Out of a large number of effective strategies, which I learned from One Minute Free Traffic (OMFT), here are the five proven strategies to increase blog traffic:

1) Frequently Writing Blog Posts

It’s as simple as that. The more you write and update your blogs, the more the website visitors have to read. Your blog has more chances of listing in the search engine results, if you keep on posting fresh content, at least twice in a week.

2) Using Social Media

The usage of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc. is undoubtedly one of the most common and effective ways. Since it’s common, there’s more competition, and what matters most is creating engaging posts with good quality images, graphics, videos, trending hashtags, etc. Studying your target audience may help you focus better.

3) A Good User Experience

Ultimately, traffic is going to land on your website. But revisits to a website depends on the user experience. Serving valuable content, plus providing a good interface and captivating visuals, are some of the key points that add up to good user experience.

4) Build an Email List of Subscribers

One truly effective strategy is email marketing. Survey reports show that email marketing alone can drive more than 50% of the traffic if used in the right manner. For that, I make use of List Warrior.

5) Adding Visual Element to your Writing Content

Visual content always catches the attention of readers, especially for a blog. Using keywords for the image can help you boost Search Engine Optimization. On the other hand, visual content is better when it comes to describing anything.

If you implement the above strategies in the right way, then that could show you an increase in the traffic for your blog. Though the traffic to a blog depends a lot on its niche too, OMFT suggests you techniques that help increase the traffic irrespective of the niche. At present, I am getting the best results for my ongoing blogging projects with OMFT.

If you are interested, I would recommend reading my honest review on OMFT (One Minute Free Traffic).

In the end, I would wish that you get an increase in the web traffic of your blog by implementing any strategy that looks promising to you.

Good Luck!



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