What are the 3 key points to remember while making a sales offer?

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I will start my answer with a quote by Walt Disney: “Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.” I am hoping that the quote serves as a hint to the rest of the answer. Yes, you are right! The core of the following key points is to give value to the customer in whatever way you can.

As per my experience, the three key points when making a successful sales offer to the customer are:

1) T.E.N.

It stands for Trust, Emotion, and Niceness

Trust: Everyone in business is trying to make their customers trust them. Let your customers build trust in you and your product. The trust should be at such a level that even if the product betrays the customer, the customer does not hold you responsible for that. Obviously we don’t want products to fail or not work, but the key is to be so trusted as a brand that customers give you the benefit of the doubt.

Emotion: A good salesperson understands and values the emotions of the customers. Spending a hard-earned dollar requires courage. That applies for well-to-do customers also. If you understand that, by imagining yourself in the place of a customer, it will automatically change your approach.

Niceness: As the name suggests, be nice to your customers. Treat your customers well by being amiably pleasant, kind, delightful, subtle, and accurate. In customer service, try your best to expedite the process and come up with quick solutions to common problems, even if they cost you a little.

2) Look for Long Term Relationships: Selling a product alone only goes so far. Communicate with your customers, build a rapport in such a way that it helps in the future. For example, a friend of mine booked a photographer for his wedding. He charged ‘X’ dollars for the event, which was a higher amount than the rest of the photographers in the town, despite the fact that his skills were average. He did average, as expected. After the wedding, the photographer occasionally used to catch up with my friend. As a result, now my friend always suggests that photographer. On a lighter note, while I was clicking the pictures of my 120-pound “puppy” from my phone, my friend was praising that photographer and suggesting me to get a professional shot of me with the dog. I might just do it, too. Girls like it.

3) Handle Objections Tactfully: When you are about to close a sales deal successfully after chasing a customer for around a month, sometimes at that final moment, there might be some objections that can instantly convert all your month-long efforts into a ZERO.

With #3, I remembered to tell you about the objections that customers usually have when you are approaching them to make a sales deal or describe your product. As a salesperson, you should be in a position to handle such objections properly, and stop them from killing your sales.

Since, your question is straight to the point, to avoid this answer getting lengthy, I will suggest you read my post: 5 Deep-Seated Customer Doubts That Kill Your Sales (And How to Erase Them). That post can be of great help to you.

Please feel free to leave me a reply, if you need more information on any of the points stated above.

Good Luck!



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