What are the best social media or websites to get traffic on a website?

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Before I share my personal experience on this, enjoy the scenic beauty in the following picture. Imagine you were here from the earnings you made from your website. Yes, it will be possible.

The social media sites play a pivotal role in generating traffic for a website. The common ones are the most effective as they have a large number of active users. Facebook, Instagram, etc. You will get a lot of suggestions in this question thread for those. My answer to your question will follow the self-implemented method to generate web traffic as well as try to make you aware of the scams running in the name of web traffic.

Your question is no different from those at various online discussion forums. It is valid too. Every other person is following these so-called most famous steps of having a strong presence on social media to generate web traffic. Some are getting unethical too. Due to the lack of knowledge, many innocent people who wish to generate organic traffic become victims of spamming or bullying.

I was almost in a similar situation sometime back when I came to know about a method called One Minute Free Traffic, a roughly one-hour-long video program teaching you how to get free traffic from just a few minutes of work per day. Though you need to loosen up your pocket as you would have done for paid promotions on social media or 2.0 sites. This amount would cost less and is better value for the money. Free methods are usually hogwash and inefficient in the long run. You may follow the link for my honest review of it. 

In my case, it worked very well.

Good Luck!!



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