What are the best ways of distributing content?

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As a blogger, I have tried and tested multiple ways to distribute the content of my blog, all to increase traffic and conversions. A blog is really just a reader interest website, so I can suggest a few ideas that should work for your website, whatever it may be.

Let’s explore.

I will suggest a few handpicked ways that are likely to be effective. By doing more research, and most of all testing, you can pick the singular, best way for your website.

#1 By offering giveaways and hosting contests, you can ask the participants to share your content on social media platforms, or somewhere else where you think you can get in front of more people. With that, you can increase the reach of your content, as the participants will engage more in order to potentially win prizes, recognition, etc.

#2 Depending on your budget, you can advertise your content on digital platforms. Ads on such platforms are flexible and not very expensive.

#3 By arranging interviews with or for the people who are doing well in your niche, you can get massive traffic and backlinks from their audiences, who you can then backlink or direct to your content.

#4 By participating in online discussion forums like Quora, Facebook groups, etc. and then offering your content or expertise as a solution to the problems, you can get more attention and build a reputation.

#5 You can also plan to incentivize the visitors of your website in some way if they share your content or direct visitors to your site. That will get you more readers. Just don’t go too crazy with incentives. People should be doing it to share your site with a few of their friends or family members, because they love it, not just to cash in on some kind of reward.

#6 By doing guest blogging and inviting other bloggers to write for you. Functions similarly to interviews.

#7 By building an email list of active subscribers and sharing your content with them. Big topic, so I’ll leave it at that..

#8 Many people get more traffic in their niche by writing product reviews, or some other form of opinionated content. This is a classic format to try with affiliate marketing.

#9 Implement an influencer marketing strategy. Too much to say on this one. Feel free to ask for details on my experience with influencers if you’re curious about this one, or about email marketing.

By implementing the above strategies with more research specific to your own site, you can increase your reach.

For more traffic and wider reach, people often say that the right or wrong niche plays at least half the role of whether you will succeed or not. However, I have discovered that a few traffic generating methods work regardless of niche, and in fact, these are often the most reliable and bring the earliest results. One of them is called One Minute Traffic Machines, which you can see a review of on my site. 

Feel free to reply, if you have any questions about the tips.

Good Luck!



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