What are the common mistakes in launching digital products?

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When it comes to launching a product, excitement levels are going to be very high. That feeling is obvious, but make sure that excitement doesn’t mislead you into a setback during the launch. Here are a few top mistakes in launching a digital product.

The points of this answer can work as a checklist for anyone who wishes to create and launch a digital product. Making these mistakes is very common and not something to be ashamed of as you learn and get better. They’re just good to keep In mind for the present with any projects you currently have going. Let’s have look at five common mistakes with launching digital products:

#1 Improper/incomplete niche research. You need to pick a good market and study the key points you have to hit in order to be competitive, including target audience behaviors, pricing, marketing expectations, and more. Ideally, every digital product would be conceived through this process, looking first for what people need in a certain niche and reverse engineering from there, finishing with the product idea. Instead, most people imagine a product first, without doing any market research.

#2 Not creating and testing a prototype. It can be fine-tuned later. For example, if you are launching an online course, you should give a mostly-done version with no bonuses out early to those willing to give reviews and testimonials. You can take any feedback to make the course perfect in time for launch day, plus you have a nice amount of initial social proof by then.

#3 Not building an email list before the launch. Gathering leads and building a real brand is important. To build an email list, I would recommend a specialized method like List Warrior (LW). You can read about it on my website.

#4 No budgeting. Do some basic budgeting and accounting. Figure out what you really can spend each month.

#5 Inadequate or no social media presence. No one should have to be told anymore that businesses can get customers on social media. You just have to commit to building a strong social media presence by regularly creating high-quality, engaging, and valuable posts relating to your digital products and your target buyer’s interests.

If I had to do a sixth mistake, it would be to not model the success of others. That’s why I recommend PPC, Perfect Product Creation if you’re looking for a course that teaches an effective digital product model that’s worked for other people. 

In conclusion, the top mistakes in launching a digital product are fairly basic to anyone reasonably savvy about online promotion and can be avoided. But a lot of this journey is experience-based, so don’t feel bad about making a mistake with a launch. Most businesses don’t hit profitability through digital products without making a dud or two first. You CAN avoid that, you CAN increase your odds by taking charge of the learning process, but I don’t want you to ever feel like a failure just because your very first product doesn’t make you rich. These things take time and most of all, experience.

Please feel free to reply if you have any questions.

Good Luck!



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