What are the hidden tips for high sales in affiliate marketing?

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Hidden, I don’t know. In this digital age, nothing is hidden. Sooner or later, marketers learn from the success secrets of their fellow marketers preceding them. Anyway, I understand why you’d want to avoid too much competition. It’s always a good move.

Affiliate marketing gives the best results if you have a website for promoting affiliate products, and you do not depend too much on third party websites for more sales.

Here are five ways to improve your sales conversion or action conversion rates for an affiliate marketing business:

#1 Showcase your role between buyer and seller:

It’s a common mistake for beginner affiliates to direct traffic (customers) to the merchant or seller’s page too soon, with them really being no more than a glorified link sharer. An affiliate is a unique role in business, but a role nonetheless that you must play effectively. You can do that by offering value to the customers, say through a blog post, discussing the affiliate product. Ask yourself why you really should be trusted to recommend a certain product. Have you reviewed it, for a good reason? Do you have a special recommendation for certain people like you who also buy it? What information do you have to offer? If you brainstorm enough, you’ll find something. But it’s not “get more sales for this business” or “help more people find this type of product.” That’s surface-level. If you want another example of a reason why you being an affiliate is valuable, consider…

#2 Offer incentives and discounts:

With affiliate marketing, you don’t have to cut anything out of your profits to benefit from a customer-friendly offer. You can just rely on affiliate codes that already include discounts, and then hype those up in your marketing.

#3 Build trust with customers:

Trust is the baseline requirement to drive more sales, be it for affiliate marketing, or in general. For that, scrap the crap. Avoid promoting fake or substandard products, even if they seem popular or their commission numbers seem good. In general, by the way, I would not become an affiliate of something based on stats or popularity. Better to start with a topic or product type that really appeals to you, that you’d love to be an affiliate for, and find something profitable from your end from that position.

If at all possible, first use the product yourself, and then recommend it to others only if you truly consider it worthy of promotion. This isn’t just about sales; you should aim to build long-term relationships with your customers. Almost all the most successful affiliate gigs are run by bloggers and vloggers, people who rely hugely on their own personalities and an authentic group of superfans just like them.

#4 Post review articles:

So incredibly simple for increasing affiliate marketing sales, I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t do this at least once if they haven’t. As an affiliate marketer, you should be good at expressing opinions passionately and taking a stand. Turn that impulse into the most relevant kind of content you can: reviews of the same products you are an affiliate for.

The customer understands the products in a better way and gets their questions answered. You can even do this with products that you weren’t that crazy about. People love to read honest reviews, and middling reviews often lead to more sales just as easily as good reviews do.

#5 Implement email marketing:

Email marketing is incredibly easy as a way to keep a large number of fans or followers updated, in a way that is much more likely to be seen than on social media. It’s also more personal and trusted, helping you explain things and work your way up to some big-ticket sales.

The above tips worked for me and many other affiliates. They’ll work for you as well, with time and consistency.

You can check out the Knowledge Base section on my website for more on this stuff, and feel free to reply with any questions.

Good Luck!



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