What are the methods for increasing organic traffic?

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Out of many tips that I have tried and tested, here are seven that have worked very well for me, my friends, and my fellow site and business owners.

Assuming you are aware of online traffic and related terminologies, especially organic traffic, before proceeding further, I would like to clarify two points:

1) It takes time to build organic traffic to a website, but if done right, the results are in perpetuity. Meaning, for a little bit of work now, you’ll get a regular stream of website visitors, forever, or nearly forever, as long as you don’t turn the site into a ghost town for years on end. Your goal is not really building organic traffic, but building an audience. The organic traffic in perpetuity will come, primarily though not entirely, from that audience.

2) The tips shared in the answer are general and apply to most websites, regardless of their niche. I can always give more specific advice when I know more information about who is asking and what state their site and traffic situation is in right now. Feel free to comment or message me if you have more details and want more specific guidance, or if you just have a question.

One last thing before the list.

Whenever anyone has a website or a blog, a regular, passive stream of quality traffic is the ultimate goal. Once you’re there, you’re done, so don’t feel bad about not being there yet. It’s like being upset you haven’t finished a marathon after your first minute of running. You’ll get there, but there are more little steps in-between that would be better to focus on, such as your first 100-visitor day, or your first 1000-visitor week, rather than waiting and waiting for a high-level daily traffic average.

No doubt everyone looks for the big, flashy, daily number of visitors, and people waste lots of money to get there faster. The reason I see that as wasteful is that these methods to go faster are not generally conducive to a long-term audience. Meaning that the people you get will often leave after a while. The quick growth of certain methods claim is often illusory.

In this answer, I will share seven tips to drive organic traffic to a website/blog and I can assure you: if these tips are implemented in the right manner, you will see observable changes in the visitors’ statistics of your website. You will be attracting not just visitors, but ideal visitors, and then converting them to fans. Here are the tips:

Tip#1: Build an email list

An email list built from scratch, followed by an effective email marketing strategy, can get you lots of quality traffic to your website. I am still new to this field, but a method that has helped me a lot so far is List Warrior. LW is a training program that teaches how to build an email list of active subscribers from scratch, using a method that most businesses never think to try. If you are interested, you can read its review on my website.

Tip#2: Post new content regularly

If it’s a blog, post regularly, if it’s a video archive, regularly produce videos. Whatever be the case, you should post regularly. The best kind of audience is one that is eager for your new stuff. It helps to take some time to build a backlog of content to release over the next several months, and you just top that up again every so often and keep scheduling content to post automatically on your release dates.

Tip#3: Improve engagement with social media platforms

A common tip, always on my list of recommendations. You should build a strong social media presence for your website or brand. The posts should be engaging, eye-catching, and provide value to your followers. Don’t just blast your site content in people’s faces with every social update. If possible, implement a Content Multiplication Model (CMM) that follows a proper schedule of posting. You will see a difference if you study this stuff and make the decision to get it right.

If your budget allows, you can also advertise your website on social media platforms. Such ads are inexpensive and provide the flexibility of daily spending, but I wouldn’t rely on them very much in the beginning, unless you have money to spend.

Tip#4: Regularly perform an SEO audit

Think of this as detailing a car. What needs to be fixed up, polished, cleaned? You’ll see areas to make small improvements that add up quickly.

Tip#5: Implement external backlinks and internal links

It’s easier to visit a site if all you have to do is click a link. Backlinking is a proven strategy to drive organic traffic to a website. A website with sufficient (that means not excessive) backlinks is more likely to get quality traffic. External backlinks improve the citation score of a website (when NOT done excessively) and internal backlinks improve session time and reduce bounce rate. All of these factors contribute to organic traffic numbers.

Tip#6: Use more visual content

Visual content improves engagement. Using high-quality optimized images, videos, etc. Pretty self-explanatory, your site shouldn’t be boring.

Tip#7 Implement a specialized traffic getting method

Most websites are not a “build it and they will come” situation. You’ve got to come at it with a very specific gameplan, so you can analyze your performance each month and decide what to change or do differently. That’s what I do, and it’s probably less effort, by far than what the average person does to try and build their websites. By implementing a specialized traffic method like One Minute Free Traffic (OMFT) or One Minute Traffic Machines (OMTM), you can drive more organic traffic to your website over time. See my site for more about both.

That’s probably enough. I am sure you’ve at least heard of some of these. Mostly, the key is just to dive into them and keep trying, because there are always little secrets that you need to learn about your own topic, your own market, etc. in relation to those things, and I can’t give advice about that. Still, if you need more actionable tips to drive organic traffic, you can explore the Knowledge Base section on my website, where I’ve answered a ton of other questions.

In conclusion, please be informed that it takes time to build organic traffic to a website, plus your consistent efforts in the right direction. You will get better at building sites and will come to expect faster and faster turnarounds for a new site to get popular, but until you perfect your own website creation and promotion method, the first one’s gonna take a while.

Feel free to reply if you have any questions.

Good Luck!



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