What are the plugins for driving more traffic to my blog website?

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Since more traffic means more revenue, there are many different things people do to drive traffic to their website. WordPress provides several plugins for that. The best ones will depend on the type of site you run. Though I don’t rely much on them, as I use OMTM for driving web traffic, here are five WordPress plugins which you can implement to draw more traffic to your blog.

#1 OptinMoster:

That’s the most common and widely used plugin when you want to transform your website visitors into email subscribers. Once you have subscribers and email them about new posts, you have a guaranteed splash of visits each time.

#2 Yoast SEO:

For performing on-page SEO, this is a preferred choice.

#3 Floating Social Bar:

Social media is always a trusted source for driving web traffic to a website. If you want to have social media sharing buttons to your web pages, then this plugin is one of many that do the job.

#4 Revive Old Post:

As the name suggests, this plugin is for re-activating old posts by sharing them on Facebook and Twitter. At times, it happens that an old post that performed well can actually perform double duty by getting launched again.

#5 W3 Total Cache:

A useful plugin for improving SEO and user experience. It does this by increasing website performance and reducing download times.

You can implement any of these, all, or more. As previously discussed, I make use of One Minute Traffic Machines (OMTM) to drive traffic to my blog. Although it isn’t a plugin, after trying and testing multiple methods for web traffic, I rely on OMTM. The results have been amazing for me so far.

Please feel free to reply to me if you seek more information on methods to drive traffic to your website. I generally focus on methods more than website tools, but I have used lots of both.

Good Luck!



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