What are the techniques to increase traffic to my website, except SEO?

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All things considered, most traffic techniques require significant investment, and even somebody says a certain method can get you traffic instantly, you have to understand that different people are going to have different ideas of what instantly means. What is instant for you? Within 24 hours of doing it? Within one hour of doing it? Within seconds? Or do you want some kind of task you can instantly do, but that may increase traffic over a longer period of time, such as the following week?

I’ll try to give a helpful answer to cover all these possible bases.

The five proven strategies to get traffic to your site, and relatively quickly, are:

1) Writing Guest Posts

In this, you compose visitor posts for different online blogs. Consequently, you may get top-notch backlinks to your site. When the person posts your content, that should get you some traffic fairly quickly. But of course, it will take time to reach out to fellow bloggers, brainstorm good content for their sites, and write them. You’ll also have to work with their schedule.

2) Using Social Media

The use of internet-based social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and so on is without a doubt one of the most widely recognized and viable ways of getting traffic. Content marketing on social media works. However, since everyone’s doing it, you can’t slack off. You need quality pictures, designs, recordings, and most of all, good content that people actually want. Considering your target customers might help, but don’t forget to be authentic. Make what you enjoy making, within reason, because that passion will help propel you during the awkward and slow initial phase.

3) Activities in Online Communities

In the event that the traffic doesn’t come to you, at that point go to it. Put in an appearance and be a part of discussions. Networks designed for community engagement, like Quora, offer significant traffic.

4) Paid Traffic Sources

You may utilize paid traffic sources like advertisements, working together with different sites for collaborations, and so forth, depending on your financial plan.

5) A Good User Experience

At last, traffic is going to arrive on your site if you’re putting in even a little effort. Be that as it may, returns to a site rely upon the client experience. Serving valuable content, in addition to a decent interface and appealing visuals, will help determine how many return visitors and pageviews per visitor you get. In that sense, making a small change that improves your site’s user experience could instantly give you more traffic.

These strategies can help you a lot. Being a digital marketer, I generally search for better approaches to drive increasingly more traffic, and I’m always experimenting. One such technique is One Minute Traffic Machines (OMTM). For my situation, I consider OMTM especially powerful, as it combines a lot of these points together into one simple strategy that’s very quick and easy to apply.

If you’d like to know more about OMTM, you can visit this link, where I have posted a review of it. Most importantly, your own guile and consistent effort is the main factor for progress, whatever strategy you utilize.

Good Luck!!



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