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A blog post is just a type of online content, and it’s extremely broad as well. There are fiction blogs, news blogs, opinion blogs, online courses in the form of blogs, you name it. In that sense, the advice on how to write a good blog post, universally, is gonna be pretty general nonfiction writing concepts of style, such as brevity, finding your voice, grammatically sound sentence and paragraph construction, proper pacing of ideas to make them more interesting, stuff like that. No matter your topic, your real job, on some level, is to captivate a person with Words is also important that you run your blog with passion, and are willing to try something different. I am always ready to experiment with new things to get more readers, sometimes even entirely new blogs on a topic that I think would work. I’ve seen the process through and have confidence that as long as my idea is good, my blog will succeed and get a reader-base I can monetize. This answer can be a step by step guide for creating an awesome blog post. Let’s explore the seven tips that I have for you today!

Tip #1: Research your blog post’s topic

Before writing brainstorm different ideas for picking the best topic for your post. Is there an idea that would appropriately hit upon multiple valuable keywords, naturally? There, now you have an idea for a blog post that is definitely going to get at least some attention.

Tip #2: Draft an outline

After finalizing a topic, write down points that you want to cover in your post, flesh them out one at a time, and then group it all together later. I find it often helps to write the start and then the end, and fill in different parts of the middle as I feel like it.

Tip #3: Do keyword research and write search engine optimized content

The topic and headline is one thing, but you may have other opportunities to fit in good keywords. Even if it’s not something you’re actively focused on or thinking about, making a blog perform better is still indirectly performing SEO, so you might as well do a little self-education on how to make Google work for your site and not against it. Think of it like learning to sail in case your boat’s propeller stops working. More guarantee of forwarding progress and greater monetization over time.

Tip #4: Make use of visual elements

Images speak louder than words. To make your blog post more descriptive, you can add images wherever required. If you wanna go all out, include accompanying videos with your posts, or infographics. Illustrating points with something other than plain words is a good strategy, so it might help to also do an audio entertainment product, like a podcast or album, whatever makes sense for your site. Anything is better than plain text alone.

Tip #5: Include CTAs

Tell readers what to do, also known as giving a Call To Action. A CTA can be for a follow, like, share, purchase, whatever quick action you’d want someone to do online. Don’t push too hard with CTAs, don’t use them too often, and don’t use them for meaningless actions such as “click here” because that’s fake. You don’t want them to click, you want them to read, buy, etc. and they have to click in order to do that. You don’t have to be spammy or aggressive, just be clear.

Tip #6: Use social media

To get more readers, share your blog posts on different social media platforms. Social media platforms aren’t as simple and straightforward as they used to be, but there’s still an amazing amount of opportunity out there for those who are willing to go in with a plan and treat it as a business. Content multiplication models (CMMs) are the safest bet for promoting and sharing content on social media with virtually no chance of not breaking even. Let me know if you have questions about CMM, I’m happy to explain since it’s a lesser-known topic.

Tip #7: Implement a specialized traffic method to attract more readers

This tip applies to the main blog/site you are posting to, ideally your own. It may sound backward, but sometimes working on the general stream of traffic to the core domain you are posting on is the best move in the long run for consistent, effortless traffic on every new blog post. If your site is getting a lot of visitors organically no matter what, you never have to worry about a specific post.

I know, use, and have reviewed several specialized traffic methods that work great for this. Check my site, and you’ll see my reviews of several things that work well, namely OMFT and OMTM.

Feel free to reply if you have any questions.

Good Luck!



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