What are the top five ways to drive traffic to a website in a zero budget?

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Everyone wants to have traffic to his/her website for different reasons. Perhaps the most common reason is monetization. Per my experience of testing and using various traffic methods for a long time, the strategies that take a ZERO budget often have limited capabilities. Either they take a lot of time, a lot of effort, they involve doing things you’re nervous about doing, such as influencer outreach, or on the worse end, they’re unethical, such as spam. Of course, you can get traffic for free in a lot of ways, but in the long run, you need to implement a specific method and test what works best for you. Even with no budget, getting traffic will take time and effort, but it’s absolutely doable. Just remember that you aren’t working a traditional job. You’re building something, which will continue to grow. And once it’s grown, it just runs, sending you traffic every day. We need to get you to that point.

Let’s discuss the options.

The traffic to a website depends upon its niche. The top ways for one website may not be necessarily helpful for the other website. As I am not aware of the content and objective of your website, I would like to suggest you the five ways that usually work for most sites:

1) Building backlinks: A backlink is a hyperlink to your website from another website. By building quality backlinks to your website from other websites, blogs, online discussion forums, etc. you can reach a larger audience, and get more traffic. You can also use backlinks to link pages of your website. The websites with a good number of internal and external backlinks are likely to be listed higher in the search engine rankings, which means more traffic.

 2) Using Social Media: I always suggest this strategy to everyone irrespective of the niche of the website. It would not be wrong to call social media websites a central hub of website traffic. By making regular, engaging, and regular posts and advertisements on social media websites, one can drive a huge volume of web traffic to his/her website. The best part is: having a social media account and posting through it is free of cost. However, for advertising, you need to spend money but, that amount is also not very big if you don’t go crazy with it and expect it to replace authentic posting.

3) SEO:  Search Engine Optimization should be familiar to most people by now. By optimizing the content of your website, such as by using long-tail keywords, meta descriptions, alt-texts, etc. regularly, you can improve the SEO of your web pages and increase their chances of getting listed in search engine results. More people who can find you when they search for a relevant term means more traffic.

4) Ensure your website is fast and responsive: By having a fast and responsive website, you would improve the user experience, which would further help you to get more visitors or traffic to your website through return visits and recommendations. Since most of the users nowadays access websites with mobile devices, it is necessary to optimize it for mobile. To improve the speed of a website and make it faster, you have to technically optimize its webpages. You can do that by using appropriate image sizes, website plugins, etc. It’s a topic all its own. The overall impact of all this is more traffic as first-time visitors to your website would visit it again if they have a good experience with it. It’s more of avoiding page bounces than increasing visits, but it adds up all the same.

5) Research well-performing sites in the same niche: In other words, researching your competitors. By doing that, you can understand and fix the shortcomings of your website, and capitalize on their own shortcomings by making a site that’s better in that aspect. Moreover, you will also gain knowledge about the current trends, demands of the market, readers/visitors, etc.

With the above-suggested ways, you can drive traffic to your website, without spending a dime, provided you do them in the right manner. Since we are discussing on website traffic, a point worth mentioning here is, it’s not just the volume, but the quality of traffic also matters, if you want to monetize your site or wish to become popular. This is good because it means that if you’re grabbing the right kind of traffic, you don’t need to climb to absurd heights like 1000 visitors a day to start making money. To get high-quality traffic, fairly quickly, and with no expense in the process, I suggest trying the One Minute Free Traffic (OMFT) method.

Please feel free to reply to me if you have any questions.

Good Luck!



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