What are the types of email marketing campaigns?

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This is a tricky question, since it’s a bit like asking “what are the different types of PPC ads?” There are a lot of ways to define and categorize emails.

To keep this simple, here’s a list of 12 very common types of email campaigns:

These are mainly self-explanatory, so I didn’t get into too much detail. Look up any that seem potentially useful to you, or ask me if you want.

#1 Welcome series auto-responder

#2 Promotional campaigns (Buy this because XYZ)

#3 Product update (Builds anticipation to a launch or re-launch)

#4 New content announcement

#5 Post-purchase emails (with value, stuff that gets them using the product or service correctly and upsells them to new purchases along the way. Autoresponder series are good here)

#6 Newsletters

#7 Connect-via-social campaigns

#8 Invitation for offline/online events

#9 Discounts, offers, freebies, giveaway emails

#10 Up-selling, down-selling, cross-selling emails

#11 Personalized emails, such as for birthdays, holidays, anniversary since subscribing, etc.

#12 Product/service feedback requests

There are a million different ways to handpick a few of these and run with them.

It’s important to note: email marketing campaigns are more successful if your email list has an active list of subscribers and the list has been built from scratch. As such, I recommend focusing on a specific method to build a list organically and getting results out of it ASAP, such as with List Warrior. You can read my review of LW on my website if you want to try something that works particularly fast.

Feel free to reply, if you need any clarification.

Good Luck!



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