What are the ways to drive traffic to my website except Google?

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I assume you are asking how to show up in front of your customers online, outside of trying to rank in Google, and deal with SEO? The reality is that you have to, in order to really succeed, involve yourself at least a little in SEO. However, you don’t have to exclusively work on SEO or Google traffic to get seen online. Google is undoubtedly the king of traffic, but it’s not the whole internet.

Now, that being said, because Google is used so much, it’s also been abused a lot. The company has had to tighten its strategies and algorithms for listing websites. Basically, they’ve made it harder and harder to game the system and get seen by spamming or exploiting a rule. Now it’s just about making valuable content and web-pages that people like to stay on, according to Google’s user engagement data. The growing craze to make websites more appealing to Google means that SEO is pretty competitive, and so it’s understandable that people often look for alternate sources of web traffic. I am not sure what might be the reason in your case, but let’s discuss some alternate avenues.

Here are seven ways to drive traffic to a website without Google:

#1 By commenting on blogs:

This is particularly worthwhile if you have a blog of your own and their comment system links back to your website naturally, without you having to post an actual URL. There are blogs out there that likely interest, ideal potential visitors, to your site. You can add your comments after reading the posts on those blogs, and you need to make sure that you add value to the conversation. You must not simply share the link to your website. Use your head, and ask yourself if you’d be happy to see this kind of comment on your own blog.

#2 Activity in forums:

There are many online forums where conversations relevant to your niche are happening right now. Participating in discussions on such forums can get you more traffic. Just like with #1, you shouldn’t directly share the link of your website, do it in a creative manner. Maybe, you could add it to your signature and keep posting regularly on a particularly large forum. But I wouldn’t put too much effort into this part. It’s best for an extra drop-in visitors and more, so: making connections.

#3 Guest Blogging:

With a half-decent network, you’ll start to find opportunities to make a great guest post on another person’s blog. Guest blogging is not that difficult, but it does work nicely as for natural, occasional motivating boosts to your traffic and progress. Mostly, I would stick to something that gives consistent results after you’ve done the work, like SEO, but there’s no reason not to take advantage of opportunities like guest blogging here and there if they come to you.

#4 Question and Answer Websites:

Mainly just Quora, although there are some other good ones. By providing a valuable solution to someone’s problem relating to the niche of your website, you can develop credibility and a reputation, which can get more traffic to your site.

#5 Reddit: You can create useful content in subreddits relevant to your target audience. You cannot do any branding, and you obviously cannot spam, but there are a couple of ways to creatively work with the rules there, mainly by creating something the target subreddits are likely to discover and talk about on their own.

Another possibility is joining a big but targeted subreddit and focusing on it, being valued on there as a contributor with ZERO knowledge that you operate a business or website that wants more visitors. Later on, there might be an opportunity to create some kind of content that gets pinned for being especially valuable. For instance, if you run Halloween decorations and party costume eCommerce store, a lot of your audience might be big fans of horror movies, and you could be an established member of a horror movie subreddit. If you post a beginner’s guide to different complicated horror series that many new users find useful, stopping the same questions from being asked as often, it will be pinned, and boom, done. That will be looked at over and over again, for as long as the subreddit exists. That will generate curiosity in your account profile as well, where you could have the link to your site.

There are a couple of different scenarios that could work. Just be aware that Reddit has both strict rules as a website and is divided into subcommunities with different rules on promotion. Dot your I’s and cross your t’s if you’re going to be posting anything.

#6 Social Media:

Social media websites are an automatic inclusion. By providing useful, engaging, and shareable content on social, you can get more traffic to your website. Competition is high, so you have to be smart and systematic about it. You have to take some professional responsibility in being consistent and having a gameplan. But it’s still one of the best tools a business could have on its side.

#7 Email Marketing:

Email is an amazingly reliable source of traffic, provided you have an active list of subscribers who know, like and trust you. You can build that list from scratch, and it doesn’t have to be a difficult or expensive process. Email is probably the second most commonly checked thing on people’s computers and phones, after social media. It’s no wonder it still works.

If you didn’t know about one of these, then I guess you can count that as a hidden secret What I can also say is that many people underestimate the power of PPC ads with intelligent sales funnel design. I have a review of a book, DotCom Secrets, that gets into it better. Check that out if you’re a bit more advanced and none of what I described above was new to you.

Really, everyone has different levels of familiarity and experience with the possibilities that exist in business. There are certain things I don’t know about, that maybe after I learn them, I’ll consider essential to success, while other people knew them for a while and it was no secret, in their opinion. But for now, I just have these, some of which, mainly social media and SEO, will work if you stick with them, guaranteed.

Let me know if you need more information or you have any questions.

Hope that helps!



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