What are your 2021 fitness resolutions?

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Thanks for asking!

Over 2020, due to so much time spent at home, most people have been gaining weight. The holidays certainly don’t help, as people are relaxing and binging lots of sweet or carby foods.

I don’t do resolutions, I just set goals throughout the year as needed, but I am happy to share the fitness goals I’ve had for 2021 since about two months ago:

#1 Bench press 300 lbs. Right now I can probably max 200, so I have my work cut out for me.

#2 To experiment with single-digit body fat percentages. I have never gotten this low before, but I’m excited to see what I can handle.

#3 To eat LESS healthy food. Yeah, you read it right. You shouldn’t feel so guilty about one bad meal in the whole week, it’s gotten absurd. And I grew up in a health food store!
I’m intentionally putting less focus and energy into how I eat, and instead of being more loose and intuitive about what my body needs, while also using common sense and portion control. If this sounds weird, the reason I’m doing it is I’m sick of dieting. I’m just going to stick to intermittent fasting, decently wholesome food, and the freedom to do what I want within reason, so I don’t crash and give up entirely.

#4 To train in some kind of striking-based martial art. It sounds fun, and it puts my fitness to further use.

#5 To develop a consistent, 30-minute yoga and meditation routine in the mornings. This is going to be a challenge until I no longer have roommates, but we’re sticking to fitness goals right now. 😉

As every new year comes around, people make resolutions. I normally grumble about people making them lightly, but given the severity of this year for everybody, I am more inclined to believe people who make resolutions for 2021 will actually keep them, as a way to introduce a little more guaranteed positivity into their futures. And that’s good. But resolutions should soon stop being resolutions as soon as possible, and simply become habits. They are to be implemented seriously, in order to produce a real change in your life. I’m talking self-discipline. But let’s see how I do in 2021 before I say too much. 😉

Feel free to reply if you have any questions.

Good Luck!

Happy New Year!



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