What can be the best ways to get traffic to a website?

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I’ve always found traffic an ironic term, there is a traffic that irritates (real car or crowded foot traffic) and the other traffic that pleases us (traffic to our websites!). Well, seeing traffic on a website is an obvious reason to smile as it is a source of income. Many people try various ways, both free and paid, to get traffic on their website, but only a few succeed. Why?

I deliberately left you with a question in the previous part of the answer. If you understand that, then you may perform better. There is a saying also: “Let the mistakes of others open your eyes.

In the context of your question, a mistake can be either the selection of improper ways or using common, generic ways for a specific situation. Though the traffic to a website depends a lot on the website’s niche and the quality of content, still there can be some common ways applicable to all situations. I will prefer to keep them short.

The five proven ways to get traffic on your website.

1) Writing Guest Posts

In this, you write guest posts for other blogs. In return, you may get high-quality backlinks to your website.

2) Using Social Media The usage of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc. is undoubtedly one of the most common and effective ways. Since it is a common way, what matters most is your engaging posts with good quality images, graphics, videos, trending hashtags, etc. Studying your target audience may help you focus better

3) Activities in Online Communities

If the traffic does not come to you, then go where it is. Be active on discussion forums or communities such as Quora. Share valuable information. As a result, people will reach for you.

4) Paid Traffic Sources

You may use paid traffic sources like advertisements, collaborating with other websites for links, etc. that depends on your budget.

5) A Good User Experience

Ultimately, traffic is going to land on your website. But revisits to a website depends on the user experience. Serving valuable content, plus providing a good interface and captivating visuals, are some of the key points that add up for good user experience.

The best part of the ways discussed above is that they are mostly free. Of course, they need your serious efforts and precious time. If you remember the saying I have mentioned in this answer, here’s more on that. As I am into digital marketing and been doing well, I always keep on updating myself technically. From my past experiences or you may call them as my mistakes, I have gained the wisdom of selecting a method and then applying it. To be particular, I would suggest the One Minute Free Traffic method, which covers all the above ways as well as some new ways specific to a niche for getting website traffic. I am sure after applying that you would get the desired results. 

If you are interested, then you may follow the link to my review post: REVIEW: One Minute Free Traffic.

Above all, your consistent efforts are the biggest factor for success, whatever method you prefer to use. I wish that picture above would become a reality soon, for your website.

Good Luck!!



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