What can be the reason for almost no traffic on my website even after 2 years of blogging?

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Hi! As a blogger, I feel what you’re going through. I am here to help. I’ve started failed, and succeeded with different blogs for over ten years, so I will suggest how to deal with it, and #1: get you some traffic.

Traffic to a blog depends on many factors After you complete reading the answer, please feel free to reply to me if you need more information. I would appreciate it if you would send the link of your blog, too, so that I could further suggest you specific solutions.

Let’s get straight to the point and see the possibilities, why you aren’t getting traffic. These could be:

#1 The niche of your blog. Big niches like travel, health, science, lifestyle, etc. comparatively get more readers. Well, if your blog’s niche is somewhat different, then that could be a possibility of not getting traffic. Don’t worry about that. My final suggestion would work regardless of the niche.

#2 You are not posting frequently at regular intervals. If that is the case, start posting frequently and make a schedule of when you would be posting your content. It helps a lot to bank content for the next few months and release it gradually on your schedule, so you’re still releasing content if you’re forced to take a break from making it. And of course, announce that schedule to your readers so they know when to check up on you. If you are already doing that, no problem. I’ll get into other solutions.

#3 This might make you uncomfortable. With no intention of discouraging you, people might not like your content very much yet. For that, get some honest reviews from close, but honest friends, or even family members. If you decide that yes, you have a quality problem, I won’t discourage you more. All I’ll say is that the chances to get traffic, especially return traffic, are going to be slimmer. My solution, stated later in the answer, would balance that initially, but in the long run, you would have to develop a sense of your readers’ taste and modify your writing style. What value does your blog content offer? Does it solve a problem, answer questions, motivate people? Etc. And how can it do those things better than competing blogs?

#4 Your blog’s website might not look appealing to your readers. For that, you can improve the features of the website or blog by adding visual elements, making content accessible, etc. For that, perform a quick survey of the websites of top bloggers, then a few random websites. Analyze where and how your site is lacking. Work on that. It’s more of self-evaluation, so if you’re stuck, you may approach me directly for advice.

#5 You are not following proper methods to get web traffic such as social media posting, advertisements, and other usual ways. In other words, no promotion. The fact is, organic traffic still has to be encouraged and stimulated. You have to put your website out there for people to find.

Please excuse me for any of these points that don’t apply to you. I wanted to be thorough. So, the above are the possibilities for why you are not getting web traffic after two years. There could be more reasons, but these five have the most impact.

Finally, here is my main solution to your traffic problem. It worked for me when I needed traffic, as long as I had those five points lined up in my favor first. That is the reason I use it currently and my recommendation for everyone remains the same, whosoever seeks it, it works for them. I am hoping that it will work for you as well.

Without taking much of your time, I would like to announce that method here. That is One Minute Free Traffic (OMFT).  It is a roughly one-hour-long video program teaching you how to get free traffic from just a few minutes of work per day. I wish you the best, and that OMFT gets your website into the public sphere at last. 

In the end, I would appreciate your strength in not giving up. You’re looking for solutions, which is half the battle.

Good Luck! Stay Positive!



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