What can be the top 10 things to increase web page traffic?

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The more traffic coming to your webpages, the more monetary value your website will have. Well, that’s a desire of anyone who has a website. There are a numerous things one can do to increase web page traffic.  But I should add: merely having traffic is not sufficient. Why?

In addition to traffic, what matters more are the targeted visitors. As the website traffic depends a lot on its niche, there is always a target group for a website. If you manage to get those visitors who are most interested in the web content you are serving, then that traffic is more beneficial.

For example, let’s say you get 100 visitors on your web page, out of which 80 visits are due to forceful dragging. Then those 80 visitors won’t visit your page again. On the other hand, if you get 40 targeted visitors and provide them with a good experience on your website, it is likely they would visit again. In that way, you may get regular visitors who may, in turn, do “word of mouth” publicity for your page and eventually get you more visitors.

My intent of sharing that example with you is to differentiate between quality and quantity, in the context of web traffic. I would say, look for quality as well while getting quantity as that would help in the long run.

In the past, I ignored quality over quantity for web traffic, and I’ve learned since then. As a digital marketer, it is always pleasing to see the statistics depicting traffic growth on your website, but the visitor count is one side. After applying various methods over the years, which had been no doubt successful too, now I apply One Minute Free Traffic (OMFT), which eases the task of getting quality web traffic for my websites.

Anyways, before this answer gets too long, I would name ten things one should do to increase web page traffic:

1) Have quality content on your web page that interests the visitors.

2) Get an impressive website that is accessible, navigable, and has an appealing look.

3) Make the best possible use of the power of social media for influencing visitors for your website by posting regularly.

4) Make a part of your web content easily shareable over the internet, so that it may engage users and get them to your website.

5) Improve the SEO for your page as a majority of the users perform a search on a search engine before visiting a website.

6) If the traffic does not come to you, then you may go where the traffic is. That means in the niche-specific online discussion forums, showcase your website’s presence as a reliable source by taking part in the discussion.

7) Make wise use of your promotional budget with paid advertisements for your website.

8) Encourage the existing visitors of your website to refer new visitors and in return give them freebies, discount coupons, etc

9) Have quality back links as that would help your website to rank higher in search engines.

10) Keep a check on the other websites or your website’s competitors in the same niche, do better than them.

After reading the above suggestions, I would suggest you have thorough research on any point above before you pick that. For me, OMFT has been very helpful in my last as well as ongoing projects as I need not waste my time trying new ways as its tutorials handle that part. If you are interested in knowing more about that, then you can check my profile or leave me a reply.

Before I conclude, I hope you increase your web page traffic, irrespective of the method you pick.

Good Luck!



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