What could be the best way, cheapest, fastest, non-techy, way, to create, share, or sell digital products and online courses in multiple languages?

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Hi! It seems like you have a lot of expectations at once. Let’s see what options are available.

As you are looking specifically for online courses in multiple languages, I would recommend first you make a course in any language, say English. The reason for that is, you will get abundant online resources for its development in English. Once you complete with that and make a course ready, then you can translate into as many languages as you want, with the help of online freelance translators, writers, and speakers.

To not complicate this answer, my suggestions would follow the basic steps for developing a digital product, be that an ebook, course, etc.

Your decision to create and sell digital products is an intelligent one. They are profitable right now. Here are five steps to create and sell digital products:

Step 1:  Select a niche that looks promising to you. As a quick suggestion, you can pick niches like health, technology, relationships, etc. You can get more specific later. The digital products in these niches sell fast.

Step 2: Decide the product you want to create. Your decision can come from brainstorming the problems your product would solve. What is the need of your target audience? For example, entrepreneur-type people typically love online courses. Health-conscious people tend to buy a lot of ebooks.

Step 3: Start creating the actual product. Come up with a unique idea nobody else has done, and put together the content itself.

Step 4: After the product is ready, test it. Collect its honest feedback from people you trust.. Depending upon the feedback, you can decide to either bring changes or launch your product soon.

Step 5: Depending upon your budget, you can launch your product and then advertise. You can sell your digital products through other websites or apps like SendOwl, FetchApp, Sky Pilot, etc. In addition to that, it’s recommended to have a website. Having a website is free with the help of Wix, WordPress, etc. You can promote your product, and the website, through social media. By having more traffic to your website, you can get more sales for your products with no advertising expense. My past answers can help you with that.

Since many people are nowadays are making digital products, it is necessary to implement a method that would make you stand out from the competition and create a product that practically sells itself. The Perfect Product Creation (PPC) method can solve that for you.

I hope the above steps help you to create and sell digital products. For the best and quickest results, PPC can be a good choice, provided you implement that in the right manner.

As in your words, it can be the best, cheapest, fastest, non-techy way to create digital products.

Please feel free to reply to me if you have any questions.

Good Luck!



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