What is a digital product design?

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Digital products include a wide range of products such as e-books, online courses or tools, fonts, logos, digital subscriptions, etc. The reason for any digital product’s success in terms of sales and effectiveness is its design. Well, it could be alarming to know that due to an improper design methodology, even a demanding and valuable digital product could drastically fail. Hence, the importance of design. Don’t you worry, I’ll in my answer how to work on that.

Design has a large number of definitions for each of its fields of application. In the context of your question, it is a methodology for solving a functional problem with a proper solution. The design draws its inspiration from Software Engineering. The discussion on that could make this answer unnecessarily long, so let us confine here to the understanding of digital product design with the following example.

Suppose somebody wishes to get a large number of visitors to his website. For that, he could search the internet and use the methods learned after studying from there. A digital product as a solution for the problem could be an e-book or an online course, which could save him time by offering all the possible solutions in a single place.

Such a digital product would be perfect and useful if that meets its purpose. For that, as a designer, one should have sound knowledge of the relevant field the product is serving. Nowadays, the role of product design skills has come into the mainstream.

To help visualize all this, some examples of factors to consider when designing a digital product are:

  • What is the target audience?
  • How difficult is it to use/learn to use? If it’s a course, how much time will it take?
  • What makes the product relevant and unique to the market? How long will the product stay that way?
  • What is the core, singular purpose the product serves? This is called the golden thread.
  • Is the product priced affordably for the market, but high enough that you aren’t undercutting your value?
  • How accessible is the product for different devices, different media preferences (video, text, audio), etc?
  • How connected is the product to other products, to potentially get upsell and cross-sell sales?

If you would follow a proper, proven methodology for digital product design, then that product could give more value and perform better in terms of its sales. The reason for mentioning sales here is that as a supplier, promoter, or a designer of that product, everyone would be concerned about its sales performance.

A design methodology contributes to making a perfect digital product. How could anyone create a perfect digital product? For that, either I could suggest you the necessary tips, or I could discuss the methodology that I follow. To keep my answer to the point, I would prefer to discuss the methodology I follow. I apply the Perfect Product Creation for that. It is an hour-long video program teaching you how to build an awesome digital product, such as an online course or tool, regardless of your niche or whether you have experience in eCommerce. The program focuses on building and launching a great product that practically sells itself, getting you the maximum amount of buyers for your hard work. My experience with that has been amazing so far. I would recommend my post on that as it could help you understand digital product design with the help of illustrations that I have used there.

In the end, I would say: As a well-designed outfit adds to your personality, so too does design to a digital product.

Please feel free to reply to me, in case you need more information on any of the points discussed above.

Good Luck!



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