What is a good product to buy and sell at present that doesn’t require a huge capital?

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I assume you are referring to arbitrage, dropshipping, etc., basically the process of buying a product and selling it at a profitable difference, so pardon me if I misunderstand.  As an answer to that, my personal recommendation is digital products. Now, usually a digital product isn’t something you buy singular copies of to then sell to others, but what you can do is buy the rights to sell a digital product. After paying that singular price, you have no overhead at all, and can sell as many copies as you want.Alternatively, if we’re not talking about arbitrage, you can create your own digital products and sell them. But in either case, I personally recommend going digital, so let’s get into why.

A digital product does not have a physical form or substance. Examples include ebooks, software, documents, graphics, audio or video courses, etc. They are mostly purchased online and shipped electronically as an email attachment or downloaded from cloud storage through a link. Some of digital products can be accessed online only through subscriptions.

For sellers, they have the following three advantages over traditional physical products:

1) They do not run out of stock unless a limited quantity was artificially designated by the seller. One reason a business might do that is if they’re an online course seller, and they know they only have time to teach a certain number of students.

2) The production cost is usually low compared to physical products since nothing has to be manufactured, prepared, harvested, etc.

3) Their market is the internet, which is undoubtedly very large and involves more direct lines of communication with customers.

Now there are also some challenges are also associated with them, like competition, the threat of piracy, etc. Out of those challenges, the most important is competition, which directly affects sales. Rest assured, I will let you know how to tackle that before completing my answer.

As buyers, three advantages of digital products are as follows:

1) Comparatively cheaper, depending on the market.

2) Easy to buy.

3) If you keep a backup of them, there is no risk of losing them.

Since, according to your question, it seems you want to buy and sell products for a profit, and your starting capital isn’t huge, my recommendation would be digital products, either licensing someone else’s or, even better in my opinion, creating a great digital product that you own entirely.

To build digital products, you can make use of PPC, or Perfect Product Creation. PPC can handle competition for you by suggesting you the best design techniques. Once you create your product, it further suggests how to sell that product to the right people, and more of them. If you are interested in knowing about PPC, you can visit this link, where I have posted my review of PPC with a detailed description.

In conclusion, seeing the present conditions where people cannot move out of their homes due to the pandemic, a digital product like an online course is promising. Of course, I can help you with that. Please feel free to reply to me in case you need more information on any of the points discussed in this answer or in that post.

Good Luck!



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