What is organic, direct, and referral traffic?

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In the context of web traffic, these are the sources they can come from. Let’s discuss!

Organic traffic is the traffic that comes to a website as a result of unpaid search results. It is the traffic that does not come through paid ads. To get organic traffic, one should publish high quality and relevant content on the website regularly, while targeting certain keywords and topics relevant to one’s target audience.

Direct traffic is the traffic that comes to a website directly, that is, without making the visitor visit another site. It comes from different sources, such as when a visitor knows the URL of the website and enters it directly into the address bar of the browser. There are other situations that fit, like the visitor has bookmarked the site, clicks the link received in their email or messenger window, etc. In short, the visitor directly visits a site. There are many ways to get direct traffic like paid ads, building brand awareness, improving offline marketing strategies, etc.

Referral traffic consists of people visiting your website from other sites, without searching it or trying to find it specifically. When any visitor visits a link from a website, and he/she ends up on another website, the web tracking systems consider such visits referral traffic. There are many techniques to precisely track the source of traffic to a website. People usually refer to getting referral traffic as building backlinks. Social media is one of the best ways to get referral traffic. More traffic is an indicator of the higher monetary value of a website, so it’s natural to want more traffic however you can possibly get it.

To get more traffic, there are many legitimate methods, OMFT being one of the best.

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