What is the best ebook for making a sales funnel?

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Bingo, I found it: Dotcom Secrets (DCS). Seriously, it is the best book for this question, bar none. You normally have to get it in print, but without going too far, I’ll just say that the possibility to read it as an eBook exists, somewhere.

DCS was written by Russell Brunson, creator, and owner of ClickFunnels, and I really think when it comes to experts on sales funnels, you couldn’t ask for anyone better. DCS is a heavy, thorough, full-on immersion course in high-level internet marketing strategy, all in the form of a book. True to its name, it uncovers the most valuable hidden secrets to multiply your online business empire. That is the reason it is highly regarded by online entrepreneurs around the world and there is plenty of proof of increased online sales after the implementation of Russell’s sales funnel principles.

Let’s have a glance over the main points DCS covers so that you get a better understanding of it.

The author teaches his concepts well, from a ground level with actionable principles, all to improve your understanding of the #1 factor of success or failure for an online business/eCommerce website. This factor is getting (or not getting) enough web traffic and converting that traffic into sales (or not).

A sales funnel is a representation of the path customers are meant to take to discover and patronize your business, a path that gets narrower as it reaches the bottom. Every step is ideal in order to make them the most interested in your business, the most eager to buy, and the most pleasant to deal with as a customer. The funnel depicts this journey, which involves many steps when the customer first comes to know about an online business and finally makes a purchase, and then becomes a fan who makes other purchases. In between, there are many sub-steps.

A sales funnel, at the end of it all, is designed to only do one thing: improve online sales. By having a proper online sales funnel, any online business can have exponential sales growth.

DCS further suggests how to grow a business online through the following principles:

1) Funnel Strategy

2) Communication Strategy

3) Traffic Strategy

4) Product Strategy

I still have a lot to speak about it, for each of those four things, as these days, I am in the process of applying the principles of DCS to my ongoing projects. In short, I can say every online entrepreneur must at least read it once, and it is worth it. For a detailed review that discusses more unique points from it, you can read the review of DCS on my website from the link in my profile.

In conclusion, it wouldn’t be wrong to call DCS the best ebook on making a sales funnel.

Feel free to reply if you have any questions.

Good Luck!



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