What is the “DotCom Secrets” book all about?

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It’s a “how-to” book on internet marketing, written by the creator of ClickFunnels, Russel Brunson. Let’s discuss it.

If you want to do exceptionally well in online business, you should read that book and implement its teachings. It’s worked for a lot of people, including friends of mine. I’ve read it fairly recently, but it’s now one of my favorite business books. It is relevant to all types of entrepreneurs, be that amateur, intermediate, or advanced. If I had to pin it down, I’d say it works best for more intermediate marketers, people who already have some degree of a successful business and want to scale it up. But even a total beginner, with enough motivation, could go a long way on what Brunson teaches.

People also title it “The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online“. It suggests very specific marketing funnels and sales scripts to get more leads for your business. It’s up to you how well you implement them. It was published in 2015, but is still relevant in the present scenario and has been updated a lot over time to make it even sharper and cutting edge. The ideas it presents can take your present marketing skills to the next level.

By and large, DotCom Secrets is about sales funnels. Most online businesses today use funnels to some degree, but it’s still a vague, lost art to most. Brunson is the master of this stuff, and he describes the exact structure of multiple different funnels you can plug into your online business to draw in and keep more customers, make more money, improve customer loyalty, and more.

If anyone is looking to start a business or scale up his/her existing business, then this book can be a perfect roadmap. Though any business whether offline or online can get new points from it, I would recommend it for online businesses. The strategies covered are simple and can run in any industry. Further, it helps in establishing rapport with customers to get them to buy more products, and customers are supreme in any business.

In conclusion, the book is a masterpiece. Every entrepreneur today needs to read it. Of course, it’s not going to handle really basic business stuff for you, like figuring out what kind of product to make or sell, or the right mentality behind marketing (although he does get into that a little).

Unless you are totally unfamiliar with making money online and running a business, and you need something more basic to explain how this stuff works, I’d recommend DotCom Secrets. It’s the kind of book made for a person who thinks “I started a business online and I’m not getting enough sales. What am I doing wrong? What’s the secret?” Hence the name.

Please feel free to reply to me if you have any questions.

Good Luck!



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