What is the importance of advertisement for a company?

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Very, very important. Any company has a direct or indirect relation with people, that are either its customers if the company deals with products or services, or the target group. To showcase its presence, reach to the target audience and send a message (and the right one), any company should make use of advertisements (ads). Let’s find more on that.

To understand better, let us quickly see when a company makes use of an ad. For keeping that short, we won’t be discussing the types of ads. A company can advertise if it is conducting recruitment, selling a product, giving services, running a social awareness campaign, etc. Not just the companies, even individuals, governments and their departments, NGOs, etc. advertise for different reasons.  There is no doubt that the budget of an ad and its concept matters a lot for its effectiveness. A point worth mentioning here is that, with the modern forms of advertisement, the conventional ads are getting rare.

To proceed further, let’s pick an example of a company selling a product, say a mobile phone. That company could advertise to inform the customers about its new mobile phone, which would make selling easy. Advertisement is a strategy in marketing through which active brand building, recognition, and target group’s engagement (ultimately to influence the customer’s decision), is the main goal.

Ads, on the other hand, are also beneficial for the customers as they ease the process of decision making. Well, there are several reasons in which ads show their dual benefits, both for customers as well as the company. Here are the three main reasons:

1) People Get to Know All Their Options.

2) Ads Make People Try New Things

3) Advertising Gives Personality to Businesses

Deliberately, I have named the reasons instead of explaining them, as they are broad in themselves. From the reasons above, I am hoping that my answer is clear. To clarify a bit more, I have a hypothetical situation to discuss with you. After imagining that, there won’t be any doubt in your mind about the importance of advertisements.

Can you imagine a world with literally no advertisements? That thought struck me once, and I have penned down that in the form of an article. If you are interested in reading that and want to understand the importance of advertisements by a virtual scenario, you can visit this link.

I would be pleased to hear your feedback after you read that post. I would appreciate it if you would leave me a reply for more information on that or any other point discussed above.

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