What is the importance of advertising and marketing?

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To start with, here is a quote on the importance of advertising and marketing by Henry Ford, “Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.”

If we get specific, advertising and marketing are different terms, often used interchangeably. Advertising refers to reaching out and sending a message for a product to a target audience. On the other hand, marketing includes advertising, as well as pricing, competitive research, and all other aspects relating to establishing a product in the market.

Imagine a carnival game with prizes. Marketing is how nice the tent looks, what game prizes people can win, the name on top the tent, etc. Advertising is the fliers to try the game, the entry in the circus brochure about the game, and the paid criers who attract people to it.

For a better understanding, let us explore the importance of marketing and advertising individually. I will keep it short and to the point. You can leave me a reply for more information on anything I say.

Three main reasons why marketing is important are:

1) Marketing informs and engages the customers. It also helps in building the reputation of the business.

2) Marketing helps in moving the product towards the customer. It helps in exchange and transfers of goods with the help of various channels like suppliers, wholesalers, retailers, etc., all industries that need a healthy, high-marketing economy to survive.

3) Marketing paves the way for generating income from sales. Obvious, but essential.

Now, the three main reasons advertising is important are:

1) People Get to Know All Their Options

2) Ads Make People Try New Things

3) Ads Give Personality to your BusinessHowever, there can be many more specific reasons that depending on the product.

Marketing without advertising is of no use. The success of marketing depends upon the efforts you have put in advertising. Fortunately, each generation of people is more aware of advertising gimmicks, and so the standards of advertising are rising. You cannot get by for long by deceiving or manipulating people.

Some people think that advertisements are all deceptive, scummy, and harmful. Well, come certainly are, but there would have been no business in the absence of advertising. Can you imagine the world with literally no advertising? Being into digital marketing, I keep on looking up for new trends in advertising and marketing. That thought of a world without advertising made me wonder, how would that actually look? My post: “Welcome to a World Without Advertising” goes into more detail. I hope you enjoy reading that post and understand some more specifics of advertising.

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