What lifestyle changes can help you become rich?

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It is a good idea to analyze the habits that add up to your daily lifestyle and your general behavioral patterns and rhythms. Most of our lives are spent on autopilot, just doing things we habitually have decided are part of who we are. But we can change anything, and  there are many lifestyle changes one can make to increase their income. Let’s have a quick look at a few.

#1 Set short and long-term goals. Mapping out your progress works.

#2 Be optimistic, avoid over-thinking and negative thoughts. Crucial.

#3 Believe in yourself. You don’t even have to believe in a specific statement about you. Just believe in you, as a person, that you have control. That you can change in whatever direction you want to if you really decide it’s worth the discomfort.

#4 Learn to work. Learn to enjoy the process. Making money is largely about putting in some initial time to learn very powerful things, so that later, you have systems in place that make you money for zero time spend working. You don’t get there tomorrow, but you’ll get somewhere closer if you really try.

#5 Start surrounding yourself with people who have a vision. Learn from them. Everyone’s a little different, even if you have the exact same goals.

#6 Realize the power of your money. Change your spending habits. Re-consider what matters to you. Spend the same amount as you have been already spending, but in a way that makes you happier and more secure, particularly investing it in your skills and tools to give you long term benefits and extend your monthly income further.

#7 Read books that teach you something practical. To start with, you can read the4-Hour Work Weekif you haven’t yet. To know more about it, you can read its review on my website.

#8 Explore and set up sources of passive income. I can have a separate detailed discussion on that. Passive income is where freedom comes from.

#9 Learn to manage time and money, and don’t waste time to make more money, because you can’t be rich if you’re working most of your time. Find ways to make more money for the same time spent working, and then less, and less.

#10 Stop procrastinating. It’s not going to be as hard to do all this as you think.

#11 Be prepared and have a backup plan.

#12 When you start earning more money, don’t increase your spending habits at the same rate. Learn to enjoy the money for its own sake for a while. Learn to be comfortable with a higher amount of savings in the bank. You aren’t forced to spend money the second you earn it.

#13 Live healthily. If you take good care of your body, other parts of your life under your control often becomes easier to handle.

#14: Learn to enjoy meeting people. Learn to enjoy reaching out and making connections. Say hello to influencers you like online. Get involved in groups for the stuff you join or start doing. Just get used to being a bigger glowing dot on the planet Earth, someone who affects more people every day than you did yesterday. Because that’s what business and commerce are really about, giving value to others and getting rewarded for it.

There is nothing wrong with making efforts to improve yourself, which in the process also improves the money side of your life, but the desire to be rich should not take priority over your friends, family, relationships, etc. Remember, making money should be about something. I have seen many people chasing the numbers, instead, and falling in love with money for its own glimmer. Unfortunately, this actually worsens their financial prospects, and all for more stress. It’s not optimal, and no one has to live through it. For a better explanation, you can read “The Homeless Millionaire: How Making Money Is Only Half the Battle” on my website.

As a lifestyle blogger, I frequently write on this topic. For my answers to questions relating to lifestyle, motivation, and mindset, you can also explore the Knowledge Base section on my website, which has way more.

In conclusion, the lifestyle changes suggested in this answer can be helpful for you Anything you’re not doing yet, pick one of those and commit to real, modest, imperfect progress every day.

Please feel free to reply if you have any questions.

Good Luck!



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