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I have been an online entrepreneur for more than a decade and it’s been awesome.. I believe success in business is like perfection. You never achieve it completely, and there is no finish line where you feel like you’re done, that you’ve made it. If you have the spirit to get all that you can in life, you’ll immediately create new goals after surpassing your current ones, and you’ll work at it every day to hit the next goal soon.

That might sound a little tiresome or difficult, but in reality, the fruits of this labor get sweeter with every level you climb up. You make more money and have more fun every day, for less work.

I am delighted to share my entrepreneurial journey and my specific requirements about what kind of freedom matters to me. Because it’s not just about money. Money is just little tokens of credit, it’s just a number. What really made me successful was viewing money as the avenue to getting concrete, major goals in my life fully conquered. Money by itself was not the goal, and as a result of that mindset shift, I stopped psyching myself out or acting out of scarcity and it was literally like my whole being turned into a money magnet.

Let’s talk about what I mean.

Like every other entrepreneur, my journey wasn’t easy. It started with a lot of hurdles. There were reasons to give up, time where it would’ve made sense and no one would’ve blamed me, but I was too stubborn about it to do that. I don’t want to brag, but the truth is that I have gotten extremely skilled, about twice as skilled as I was the last year, every year, for the past 15 years. I am a better entrepreneur now compared to when I started, by a thousandfold.

Now that I’ve made it and am looking back at my past self, the whole journey makes complete sense. There were certain mental shifts I had to make, certain types of thinking and work I had to get used to, certain comfort zones I had to leave, but it was nowhere near as much as I was afraid of it being, back then.

Moving ahead to the concrete stuff I learned, here are seven things that helped me become a successful entrepreneur:

1) Uncompromising devotion to your passion: 

It’s as simple as this: Do what you want to do. Don’t just blindly follow anyone’s advice. For example, if there is a niche in which people are earning a lot of money, but you don’t have an interest in that, then don’t push yourself into it. It doesn’t matter. The world’s full of opportunity, and I guarantee there is something out there that you can make a lot of money doing that you also love to do. Of course, you can take and adapt concepts from the other areas as you try and discard other income streams, and that will make things that much easier for you. It’s crazy how interconnected the basic concepts of good business are. What you learn in one area will help you in almost every other area you touch.

2) Time Management and Planning:

Managing your time properly is a key factor to success. I always practice a quote in my routine life: “Success is inversely proportional to the time you waste.” 

Planning your time and budget gives you a reliable vision. It’s not that you keep working throughout the day. You should relax and entertain yourself as well, knowing that you made sufficient progress. It’s about consistency and enjoying the process a little every day, not going on big sprints and then giving up completely when you get tired. Establish a consistent, enjoyable routine that is easy on you and keeps you further ahead than you were yesterday, even by a tiny fraction. One step closer.

3) Learn from your mistakes:

“To err is human.” Mistakes will happen. The important thing is to admit this fact, rectify it for the future and learn not to repeat it. Taking enough action, making enough mistakes and learning from them, is the only way you get extremely good at something.

4) Take Risks:

As an entrepreneur, you have to take risks. Just make sure you are taking more risks on yourself than on other people, because you can trust yourself to be able to pull through no matter what. Keep an action plan ready when you think there is a risk, analyze the situation, and respond quickly and positively.

5) Be social, outgoing, and friendly: 

Being an entrepreneur, it’s obvious that you need to link up with other people for one reason or the other. At the very least, you’ll have to do some groundwork to build a customer/client base. Be social and form professional connections with other people. You can’t do everything by yourself, and even if you could, that would be miserable. The goal is maximum wealth and options, minimum time spent working.

6) Research your market:

As an entrepreneur, you ought to research your market thoroughly, which is why it helps to pick something you already have an interest in. Ultimately, no one can force people to buy their products or do business with them, so it’s your job to make people want to, to listen to the market. Keep researching your market over time for your competitors. Look for what’s getting old and what’s new that might work and go viral. Act accordingly.

7) Provide value to your customers:

In business culture, your customers are to be valued, regarded, and respected. A way to do that is to deliver them more than they expect. Under-promise and over-deliver. The customer base for a product speaks to its success. Value your customers/clients with good customer service practices, as it gives them a sense of belonging. Do this long enough, and your best customers can also become affiliates, helping you sell your products to others. 

There’s obviously more, but after a while, the advice starts to get really niche-specific. If you are interested, then you can stay updated with my website or explore the Knowledge Base section on there to see answers to questions relating to entrepreneurship.

A lot of what I learned and how I approach entrepreneur lifestyle building comes from Tim Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Work Week. It is one of the best books on entrepreneurship I have read so far. Though I had been doing well before reading that, applying the details from the book really gave me the breakthrough I needed. You can read its review on my website if you’d like more details.

To sum up, every entrepreneur becomes better over time, as long as they keep learning and don’t give up. The point is to establish your goals, stick to them, and learn to enjoy the process rather than getting impatient or acting out of scarcity.

Please feel free to reply, if you have any questions.

Best of Luck!



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