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No matter what you pick, and there are many options, be prepared to wait a little bit to see really good results.After trying and testing multiple methods of funneling website traffic for more than a decade, I can attest that traffic comes easy if you do the right things.

Let’s look at 13 ways to boost traffic to your website:

#1 Build an email list and use it. You can do that with List Warrior (LW). For more info on it, check my website.

#2 Build a strong social media presence. If you already have it, improve it.

#3 If your website isn’t a blog yet, create a blog for it and post regularly.

#4 Implement the latest content multiplication techniques to build your audience from a broader reach. They say don’t put all your eggs in one basket, and this technique basically equates to getting a lot more baskets to distribute your eggs. You could even say that a traditional egg carton is just a series of perfectly shaped egg baskets, linked together, and so content multiplication is like carrying eggs in cartons instead of baskets, but the metaphor is getting tortured now. Bottom line, being able to conveniently re-use and stretch content to post it in multiple formats and multiple websites greatly multiplies your total reach across an entire campaign. It’s what Gary V is known for, and trust me, he gets paid a lot.

#5 Implement influencer marketing to promote your website and get more traffic.

#6 Implement SEO techniques. With SEO, you can get organic traffic to your website from the most reliable and consistent source, Google itself, or whatever search engine matters most to you, such as Amazon for Amazon sellers, or Etsy for Etsy sellers.

#7 Write guest-posts and drive referral traffic. Again, you need a blog to get the most out of this, but you CAN write guest posts without having an actual blog of your own to link back to. It’s just a bit less common. Usually it’s more of a mutual thing, if it’s intended for business and SEO purposes, and both sides write a guest post for each other’s blog. But it doesn’t have to be that way, or any particular way, so don’t let that keep you in your comfort zone when you should be asking people.

#8 If your budget allows, advertise your website. With digital forms of advertising, you can start with a low budget, stay consistent, and easily set and change your daily budget and demographic focus on every individual ad you have running.

#9 You can make use of giveaways and contests to build more traffic. Anything that involves participation with others and potential rewards qualifies as gamification, which is very effective at making more active subscriber lists and audiences.

#10 By staying active in online discussion forums like Quora, Reddit, etc., and offering your website in contexts where it is appropriate and helpful, you can get traffic.

#11 By implementing external and internal backlinks for the content of your website, you can get abundant traffic per visitor and in general.

#12 By commenting on blogs relevant to your website’s niche. Some blogs use formats that always include your site with a backlink to it. Just remember not to be Annoying, Spammy, or Stingy about it. 😉

Think of it from a place of giving value, of making the comments section better. I wouldn’t really bother with links in comment text bodies, since it’s just so transparently self-promotion, but like I said, each comment on a post is like a little business card for your website, floating in cyberspace for people to see. Even without direct backlinks, that can add up if you do it right.

#13 With the help of press releases and positive media coverage, you can easily get more traffic to your website. There’s a lot to talk about as far as press interaction, and I’m still learning, but I am getting some good results from certain parts of the topic, for now.

Since every website is not the same, and education on the internet tends to get overly simplified, it’s important to remember that the most common strategies for getting website traffic are not guaranteed to work every single time. I can’t promise to know what path is best for your business beyond a shadow of a doubt, because I will never know as much about it as you do. That said, I have seen a lot of similar situations between very different business owners, which has taught me what to generally expect to get in people’s way and make them quit, and how to deal with it and prevail.

For tons of actionable tips on increasing website traffic, you can also explore the Knowledge Base section on my website. If any of the options I said above resonate with you and you have a question about making it work, just let me know in a comment or something.

Feel free to reply if you have any questions.

Good Luck!



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