What not to do while quitting a job?

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Now that is an interesting question! Lots of people ask what to do when quitting, or thinking of quitting, but never what not to do, and it’s a good thought to have. By following proper do’s and don’ts for quitting a job, you can land a new job faster, feel better about your situation emotionally, and get a better job or income stream than you otherwise would’ve..

Here are eight don’ts when quitting a job:

#1 Don’t be rude to anyone. You have no professional connection to this place anymore. A lot of people will take this as a “gloves off” signal, and now they can finally speak their minds and tell off people they had issues with, especially the boss. There’s no point. Life isn’t a movie, and getting the last word in is not going to make you feel better. All it does it make you look immature.

#2 Don’t leave the job without proper notice. You’ll forfeit certain privileges if you do so.

#3 Don’t forget to collect your relevant documents.

#4 Don’t forget to convey your current work status, completed and pending, to the next in-charge.

#5 Don’t fail to thank your boss, subordinates, and colleagues if you have something to thank them for. This can open up new opportunities.

#6 Don’t share the news of your quitting with your co-workers before sharing with your boss.

#7 Don’t lose your interest in the assigned tasks until you leave.

#8 Don’t speak negatively about your company without good reason, even if you have nothing positive to say.

In the context of our discussion, I have an interesting article to share with you: I’m Ready to Quit My Job YESTERDAY, How Do I Do It?

That post covers many useful points that one should keep in mind while quitting a job or planning to quit a job. You can also explore the Knowledge Base section on my website to get more points relevant to this answer.

In conclusion, quit a job with grace. Make sure you are remembered as a good employee, or at least an employee who quit for a good reason and has a bright future ahead of them.

Please feel free to reply if you have any questions.

Good Luck!



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