What rich people can’t have because of their wealth?

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Although nearly everything can be bought with money, there are limits. I have seen the lives of many rich people up close. After observing those people, I don’t want to be rich in the way that they are. There is no doubt, everyone wants to be rich, I am no exception. But there’s a right way and a wrong way to get there.

Let’s cover some of the pitfalls of making money that many wealthy people fall into.

Richness comes either by luck, inheritance, hard work, or deceit. Leaving aside luck and inheritance, the other two require compromises. Those compromises will be for things like time, family, friends, youth, health, etc.

At times, in the pursuit of wealth, people start overvaluing money. That’s the reason they do not cherish the precious moments of their lives. Even when they started as lower or middle class, but succeed and start making more money, they don’t value it, they want more. It’s never enough, and they make more and more extreme sacrifices of things that, when lost, make all that money worthless.

Anyways, coming straight to the point, here are four things that unwisely rich people often can’t enjoy.

#1 Due to an artificial sense of lifestyle and taste, they cannot enjoy the happiness of leading a simple life, like enjoying freebies, eating at a roadside fast food joint, the joy of sharing a single cookie with siblings, and anything that isn’t ultra-expensive and exclusive. Everything has to be the best of the best, and everything ‘lesser’ is embarrassing. What these people don’t realize is that their very attitude and inability to enjoy the simpler things in life is what is truly embarrassing.

#2 Some rich people want contentment, and chase money to get it, without realizing that contentment is a learned state of mind.

#3 They want true, authentic relationships, friendships, etc. But, the sad part is, we attract people like ourselves. If they care about money first and foremost, their friends will care about money first and foremost as well.

#4 They want to spend time with their family, friends, and enjoy it to the fullest, but also believe in the false narrative that they must sacrifice that time in order to make enough money. The reality is that with smart lifestyle design, truly wealthy people don’t just make tons of money, but do it without spending very much time, thereby having time for other people as well.

There can be many more. In the context of your question, my post: The Homeless Millionaire: How Making Money Is Only Half the Battle complements this answer. That post explains how being a millionaire means nothing as it is the emptiest goal any person could chase. Again, I have nothing against making money and getting rich. Everyone wants to be rich and attain wealth. But in a chase to gain wealth, people forget everything, like relations, health, ethics, etc. My post discusses many such points.

In conclusion, wealth can be a source of many comforts, but those comforts are temporary and can’t replace the actuality of happiness in the little things.



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