What should be there on the landing page for generating leads?

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Depending upon your niche, there can be many things that you should include in the landing page. Some take landing page to mean only a squeeze page, but they are not the same. Here are five proven things one should keep in mind:

#1 A landing page should have a clear call to action, attractive colors, visual elements, animated buttons, etc. in a way such that it looks appealing to the visitors. Draw the visitor’s attention clearly in one direction, and to one point: the thing you want them to do. Add to cart, subscribe, etc.

#2 You can offer a free demo of your products and services after a visitor signs up, or some other kind of down-sell or cross-sell. That gets people who were going to say “no” saying “yes” to something else and helps convert more leads. Some people do lightboxes that offer this if the visitor starts to mouse over to the corner of the screen, to catch them from going back or exiting the window. I don’t do this, but I know it works with some marketers.

#3 Inclusion of newsletter sign up options always helps. With that, your leads can stay updated with the events relating to your business. Also, include the industry updates in the newsletter. People usually like to see offers, discounts, etc. in the newsletters. If you’re doing more of a squeeze-type, super-simple page, add it as a checkable box in the form for buying, signing up, or whatever the visitor is supposed to do.

#4 Adding the testimonials of your happy customers is promising in getting new customers/leads. These help flesh out a landing page and establish social proof.

#5 Offering referral rewards to existing subscribers. Don’t forget to mention referral rewards on the landing page. It doesn’t need to be a huge part of the page, but I’ve seen it work in certain industries, particularly ones about personal gains, such as the making money online niche.

I imagine you have included some of these things already. By doing more research on the above suggestions, you can get better results. If you want, I can give you more specific suggestions. For instance, I haven’t talked at all about reducing the bounce rate, another important side of improving a landing page. Please don’t hesitate to reply to me about that. In addition, if you are running a landing page to get email subscribers, I would like to suggest you a full-fledged method that teaches list building from scratch. I am using that method presently. It also teaches email writing techniques with which you can make your email marketing campaigns successful after you have generated the leads.

It’s called List Warrior. If you are interested, you can visit this link for reading my review of it. I would recommend you read that once before implementing the things suggested in this answer.

In conclusion, driving traffic to a landing page gives better results for lead generation instead of driving traffic to a home page. So, one should give special attention to their landing pages and continually test them with new changes and additions. The more you test, the better they get.

Good Luck!



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