What websites are best for making money online by writing articles?

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There are several websites to make money online writing articles. Once you know what you’re going to write about, and for what sort of people, then you can start looking for the websites that are the best fit specifically for what you’re after.

As a side note, I feel obligated to tell you that in addition to publishing articles on a site you don’t own, I recommend also publishing at least something similar, additional, supplementary, etc. on a site you do own. In other words, in the long run, the best move is usually to make your own websites and start earning 100% from any monetization you put on them. That’s exactly what I do. We will discuss that as well, but let’s get to the point: sites you can publish articles on for money.

#1 JustParents: After seeing newbie parents in my friend circle, this site recently caught my attention. You can get paid for parenting articles.

#2 MoneyPantry: If you think you can write on money management and savings, then this site wants to hear from you.

#3 Travel Writer’s Life: Getting paid to travel is not a myth. If you are fond of traveling and always look forward to exploring new places, try this one out. You can share travel stories and get paid.

#4 Developer Tutorials: If you are into technical article writing, especially on computer programming, then this website could be worth a shot.

#5 Medium and Similar Sites: These are sites where you join a partner program, and the more popular your articles get, the more you make. They’re big sites, and competitive, so you’ve gotta be smart and corner a unique market.

#6: All Interest Blogs: While I will not give their names, there are quite a few bloggers out there who are at the top of their targeted, but still large and profitable niche. These big-fish bloggers now want to relax for a bit and let other people produce some of their content. Some really big blogs in big niches, such as dating, will mention somewhere in plain sight that they accept article submissions, basically paid guest posts. But beyond that, it could become a long-term thing if the blogger, and more importantly their audience, really likes what you have to say, and then boom, you have a regular paying gig as a writer on the site, which can expand into a lot of other credibility-based money-making opportunities, such as coaching.

Besides these websites, please also don’t retrain your creativity too much with the word “article.” Some of the best “articles” online are really more of blog posts, or stories, or guides, or how-to’s. Some articles are even quizzes or games the reader gets to play. So many words for more or less the same thing, just with different approaches to writing.

The submission and acceptance procedure of each site varies. Payment varies massively by the site as well with some paying $10 per average 1000-word article and some paying $1000+. The sites that pay higher have stricter rules and guidelines. But as you progress, obviously the earning potential will increase with your writing quality getting better, and sooner the high-paying sites will also start accepting your work.

As discussed earlier, there is another option, based on my experience. I am not fond of publishing from the writer side, having to get someone else’s approval, and never have been, that’s why I prefer maintaining a website I own that makes regular money, and why I eventually plan to start my own publisher. There is nothing wrong with posting on other websites, don’t get me wrong, but the earning potential is limited to whatever they feel you are worth, and it doesn’t build your own platform and earning potential nearly as much over time. With your own website, there is no limit to the maximum amount that you can earn. You might even get so rich and comfortable that YOU end up paying people to write your content. The smarter you get, the harder you work, the more you make, with no forced caps on how much you can write and publish. No one to say “We’ve had enough from you for the next few months, thanks.”

But nothing happens overnight. It takes time to build popularity, to say nothing of your raw writing skills, which matter even more.

Getting a website, though, and doing the steps is as easy as setting up a social media account. Let me know if you have questions about it. I write on technical niches mainly and use insider knowledge and experience to distinguish my content. As for getting seen, I make use of the One Minute Traffic Machines (OMTM) method to get traffic to my website. Check out the review on my site, if you want to know how that works.

The suggestions in this answer have been helpful for many people, and are based on what worked for me. Hope they work for you as well.

Good Luck!



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