What’s a recent and best email marketing strategy?

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The trouble is that even if I give the technically right answer, it won’t be true by next month, or even next week.

Due to growing competition in email marketing, new and innovative strategies come up almost every other day. Being able to select and implement the best strategy depends on the type of product/service you are dealing with and your experience marketing to that audience of people. A strategy that works best for one business might not work at all for other businesses.

I, however, have a strategy I’d recommend. It may not be very new, but you can make it fresh by applying your own ideas and making a few well-thought-out decisions in the beginning,. It’s the kind of thing that’ll work for nearly any business. Let’s discuss it.

Before proceeding further: any email marketing strategy can work, provided the email list has active subscribers and has been built from scratch. A method like List Warrior can help anyone to build an email list that can act as a strong foundation for their online presence. If you are interested, you can read a review of LW on my website.

Now then, the best email marketing strategy, for many online businesses, is combining email marketing with social media.

Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube have now become a routine activity for a majority of internet users. Nearly everyone has an account on at least one of these major sites and uses it regularly. As a result, email marketers find easy and approachable audiences on these social platforms. You just have to know where to look and how to attract people to your site.

Here are a few reasons why email marketing connected with social media is the #1 choice of many digital/email marketers:

1) Audiences can be connected easily.

2) Engagement can be increased through testing on both sides.

3) By having clear CTAs, you can connect your audience to your business’ social media accounts and vice-versa. As one grows, the other will grow.

Since every business is different, common strategies don’t always give satisfying results. By doing more research on the strategy I shared, any email marketer can get good results. I realize in a way it’s asking you to learn and do a lot on your own, but that’s really what works the best, in nearly everything related to online business. Pick something substantial and do the work, or get someone else to do the work, and commit to getting results with that one method for a while.

For more tips on best email marketing practices, you can explore the Knowledge Base section on my website, which has tons of similar questions people have asked me.

Feel free to reply if you need any clarification.

Good Luck!



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