What’s better: Updating a 7-year old blog with SEO or starting a new one?

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It depends on many factors.

If the site was getting some results already, my inkling would be to strengthen it with SEO, because part of good SEO is website age. Older sites are generally seen as a bit more trustworthy.

However, you might have a better idea for a blog this time, with a hotter domain and a similar, but sharper branding and content approach, or maybe just a completely different idea that you know is better, and you feel like starting over. In that case, sure, maybe it’s worth it to start over. Especially if the old one isn’t really getting you anything right now.

Let’s explore this further.

Let’s talk about your 7-year blog first. Props on considering SEO. SEO definitely gets traffic, but it takes time. Secondly, you should have sufficient available content and after implementing SEO, you should post content and perform SEO measures regularly, making use of every potential strength you can to get the algorithm to like your website more.

Above all, the niche of your blog matters a lot, unless you implement a specialized method like One Minute Traffic Machines (OMTM) that drives traffic to a website, regardless of its niche. If you are interested, you can read its review on my website.

Point being, I would take a lot of time to consider what the best niche and business angle is, whether that’s with your current site or some new idea, and proceed from there. Niche research is one of the most under-utilized areas of SEO. If you have multiple ideas, some are going to be a lot more lucrative and a lot less difficult to get ranked for than with others. You need to figure out which is your best bet, but soon, and then take action to get results on that as soon as possible.

Anyway, if you feel your blog’s appeal is still in demand, then you should do SEO and revive it. SEO is a very broad umbrella of activities. There are many strategies, some more effective for your particular site than others. If you would be willing to share your blog’s link or get into more of its details, I can offer more specific suggestions.

If you plan to start a new blog from scratch, here are 5 things to consider adding to your plan:

1) Research and pick a profitable niche, but that also interests you personally. A few quick suggestions for markets to try out can be health, lifestyle, politics, celebrities, technology, etc. If you have an interest in something else, that’s a bit uncommon or not in demand, if you have flair for writing or speaking on the topic, then go for it.

2) Post regularly and adopt good SEO measures from the very beginning.

3) Create an email list of active subscribers. You can easily do that with the help of List Warrior (LW). For more details of LW, you can check my website.

4) If your budget allows, you can advertise your blog. You may be better off working on your business model, to increase how much you make on average per subscriber, before you commit to advertising.

5) You should build a strong social media presence for your blog by creating accounts on social media websites and posting engaging, high-quality, and valuable content regularly.

For more actionable tips on driving traffic to a website or a blog, you can explore the Knowledge Base section on my website.

Hope the above suggestions help you decide your next move 🙂

Feel free to reply if you have any questions.

Good Luck!



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