What’s the best platform for affiliate marketing traffic generation?

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Unfortunately, that question is very broad. When it comes to traffic generation, be it for affiliate marketing or anything, there is no single platform that universally works the best in every niche or variation. It’s largely just a matter of opinion or trust in some sort of ranking by an authority.

I recommend trying a lot of methods and platforms that seem worthwhile, over time, and then implementing a mix of the highest performers that gives you the biggest returns possible.

Let’s get into the details.

Anyone would agree that 100 visitors and 1 sale per day, while not amazing, is better than 1000 visitors a day and no sales, so do not chase the wrong kinds of numbers. There is no fun in overloading a website with visitors that do not pose any potential value to you. Websites cost something, especially if they’re a business such as yours. You’re completely in your rights to make as much money as you can, so target the people who will pay you, whether by clicking links, buying products, or maybe patronizing your own brand’s catalog.

So then, here are my five suggestions to get targeted traffic:

#1 Paid Advertising:

Don’t be afraid of ‘paid’. With digital, pay-per-click, or similar forms of advertising getting common these days, you can decide a reasonable daily budget and let ads run comfortably for the cost of maybe all your streaming services combined. Not bad for an optimizable stream of new customers every single day. The key is threefold: audience targeting, retargeting, and sales funnel design to maximize the value of your leads. If you can spare the funds, and address those three key concepts for success, then paid advertising is worth it.

#2 Social Media Platforms:

Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. are awesome for finding very specific types of people. Since most internet users access one of these sites at least a few times a week, if not daily, I always recommend this strategy. You can create engaging, high-quality, shareable content with a balanced, quantity-optimized strategy, so you get a lot of content for a little work. This allows you to reach more and more people without getting burnt out. Various Content Multiplication Models will work, and it’s largely about testing to design your own.

#3 Blogging:

For affiliate marketing traffic and sales, sharing product reviews over the blog is a smart move. It’s a very natural, expected context to be talking about a product and sharing an affiliate link. You can maintain a blog corresponding to your affiliate marketing website and write reviews of the products you are an affiliate of, reviews of products that are competitors but not as good so you can recommend the affiliate instead, advice, tips, or motivation related to the use of your affiliate products or the lifestyle around them, and much more. Further, you can invite guest bloggers to write for you, helping exchange some fans back and forth.

#4 Email Marketing:

I personally rely on this strategy with every site I operate. For an effective email marketing campaign, you’ll need a well-formed email list plus attractive email content with proper CTAs, as in don’t be afraid to sell. This is where many affiliate marketers falter, they don’t have the guts to really put themselves out there, build a following and market to that following as much as they could. Often it’s because people don’t see an actually natural way to attract subscribers. If you want more info on a way to get started, or better yet expand your email list building, go to my website, and check my review of List Warrior.

#5 Activities in online discussion forums and groups:

By staying active in online discussion forums like Quora, Reddit, and social groups relevant to the niche of your target customers, you may run into ideal scenarios where your input is welcome, and you could be able to offer something you are an affiliate for as the solution to a problem. Do not do this if you can’t be patient and follow the rules. Otherwise, you might end up getting suspended or banned.

Above all, a properly designed SEO optimized website for your affiliate marketing products is the strongest traffic strategy you can invest in. Once a site is drawing decent traffic by itself, the sky’s the limit. Of course, that’s a whole other topic.

So, in a way, I guess the best affiliate traffic platform is Google. Get really well optimized for Google or any other relevant search engines, and better yet, pair that with the stuff I listed.

By implementing the above suggestions, you will see a change in traffic figures, but it will take time. It’s like building a dam. The more you work, the sooner the change is noticeable. Start small for now, and keep it simple, then repeat your tasks and make progress. Keep going and have patience.

Also, while patience is good, be willing to test new things and 80/20 your process frequently. If something doesn’t work very well, chuck it and spend that time on something that works the best so far. Discover a process that is at least 25% better in some way than what you did last month, every month, and by the end of the year, you’ll be more than 10 times as good at getting traffic and making money with your site as you were before.

Feel free to reply if you have any questions.

Good Luck!



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