What’s the best source for learning entrepreneurship?

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An entrepreneur training program should offer specialized education, followed by step-by-step guidance and inspiration to action. The kind of things that motivate you, the kind of guidance you vibe with best, inevitably vary compared to other people, because everyone is different. The most established entrepreneurs are extremely focused on learning (cheesy as it was, Tai Lopez was right, it’s about knowledge) and testing their comfort zones. There are a million ways to get experience and your first major accomplishments, such as your first affiliate sale or even your first $1000 month.

I’ll focus on books and courses from specific mentors that helped me since it’s what got me started.

I can strongly recommend any of the courses and books by Jason Capital, Bedros Keuilian, and Russell Brunson, to name three critical sources of mindset and motivation improvement, plus specialty knowledge in specific areas. Jason is great for writing and copy, Bedros handles people management and bravery, and Russell is all about cold hard performance, more money, and impact per day. Such courses have helped me gain an entrepreneurial mindset: active, confident, and ready to dive into new territory, while also having a clear understanding of what my ideal business opportunity does and doesn’t look like. I would recommend checking some of the starter books and courses from whichever of those three seem to be most relevant to you right now. And that is going to change, your focus.

Also, don’t feel nervous about spending money on skills and motivation. Most people spend that kind of money on DoorDash, but you’re different. This is not a hobby, it’s a serious aspect of every person’s life. This is finances, namely the not-so-difficult goal of financial freedom, which otherwise is very difficult to achieve with a conventional nine-to-five job.

Just make sure you commit to trying everything you buy for a business venture, to the fullest extent. Spending money is a good thing if you get your money’s worth. It almost always gets you a chance to start a really good conversation with the person you bought the thing from. All you have to do is reach out and offer testimony.

As an entrepreneur, I have seen many people failing because they are reluctant to either try something new, risk a little money, challenge their limiting beliefs and fears. People who adopt a conventional, safe approach generally do not succeed. Ironically, because most people settle for a mediocre and ordinary job, the job market is saturated. You are doing something that is more likely to work than playing it safe with a job and retirement plan. Especially when we consider the present scenario. One thing is clear: even the best mentorship can be wasted on deaf ears, spoiled on someone not willing to leave their comfort zone. Exploring and trying new things is like a muscle, and you can develop it with baby steps. Try and explore as much as you can. At the most basic level, if you have any problem as an entrepreneur, the first course of action is to find something new, something to change, and then execute, evaluate, and correct course if needed.

Regarding the best source to learn entrepreneurship, I would repeat, it depends on the entrepreneur. Some people are more self-motivated and all they need is just a bit of technical knowledge. Whereas some aren’t clear at all, all they have in their mind is the word ‘entrepreneurship.’ Others know what to do but struggle with motivation or feeling alone. But, leading with an already established entrepreneur as a mentor definitely helps. Ultimately, it’s the attitude that determines your chance of success above anything else.

There are a lot of paid and free sources for small business and entrepreneur stuff. The free ones are not always a waste, and the paid ones are not always worth their markup. In general, the more specialized and specific the course, the more the seller can charge. Oh, before I wrap this up, one more book I’d recommend first if you haven’t read anything like it already is 4-Hour Work Week. It’s worth it, particularly as far as establishing healthy, optimistic mindsets. If you are interested, you can read its review on my website.

To conclude, it’s gonna take some time to find what works best for you. But even a just-okay book or course that you take action on is better than the perfect course that you pick for months and then forget about. I would suggest, shortlisting a few courses, comparing them, and then selecting whichever seems the best for you to act upon right now.

Feel free to reply if you have any questions.

Good Luck!



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