What’s the importance of email marketing?

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For reaching out to as many people as possible digitally, who over-time become your customers. Basically, for expanding almost any business, email marketing plays a key role. Let’s discuss why!

Here are five reasons email marketing is important for a business:

#1 It is easy to stay in contact with your customers and reach them in real-time. When you send a message to your list, it’s delivered to them immediately.

#2 More customers can be reached at the cost of almost nothing per message. Moreover, building an email list is fairly easy to do at a cost-effective price. I’ll explain more later.

#3 Email is the #1 most used app in the world. Every internet user has at least one email account they check daily.

#4 Through email marketing, multiple products can be pitched at once, doing promotion deals with other businesses. 

#5 You own the list. It’s almost as secure as your own business website. Email is extremely good at building long-term relationships. I’m sure you have at least one person who you haven’t actually met, they’re just a marketer, but you like their emails and their style, so you’ve kept getting their emails even though you haven’t needed or wanted anything like what they sell in a while. Email is checked so often that people get a lot of chances to read emails by you that strike a chord with them and make them more likely to become regular customers of whatever it is you sell.

For the best results out of email marketing, it is necessary that first, you send consistent and high-value emails that do not annoy people, and second, the list is genuine and built from scratch. Do not buy lists, and do not use shady, deceptive tactics to get sign-ups. The reason why email marketers make these mistakes sometimes is that email is generally seen as one of the harder parts of online business building. So people are often looking for a quick hack or trick to build or get an email list of customers. It’s not that simple. An email list really is just a list of customer leads, and you don’t just find a special, magical source of leads out of nowhere without doing some research and getting better as a business.

In actuality, however, email list building is not difficult enough to be worth stressing out about anyway. Email is easy and fun if you have a method like List Warrior (LW). For relative beginners to list building, like me, List Warrior is a helpful tool I’d recommend to people who are not sure where to begin. If you are interested, you can read its review on my website.

In conclusion, email marketing is important for the growth of any business, especially online.

Feel free to reply, if you have any questions.

Good Luck!



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