What’s your favorite course, program, podcast, article, book, etc. for email list building and why?

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I have been making money online for about a decade, but I am still fairly new to email marketingThat said, a couple of things have really helped me, particularly a bonus member area of a particular online guru. Let’s get into that and what else has worked as good or about that good.

If you haven’t started the secrets trilogy, by Russell Brunson, I strongly recommend it, and what I’m about to tell you about is actually a bonus for getting at least one of the three books via his funnels. You only pay for shipping, and they’re great. But in any case, once you’re gotten one of those, you’re in Russel’s list now and one of the things you should get access to is a bonus member’s area full of videos of presentations from previous years of the big industry event ClickFunnels does once a year. I think it’s called Funnel Hacking Live. The videos average out to about 45 minutes each, there’s 5 or 6 of them, I think, and each one will blow your mind.

Now, if you’re more interested in something really specific, just to plug into a system you already have working for the most part, there’s List Warrior.

LW is a video program that teaches all the critical concepts about effectively building an email list,plus teaching how to do it in a very particular way that costs nothing or little to nothing and adds up quickly. One of the most important things the course and downloadables explain is that you need quality web traffic combined with a really appealing page/website that captures email leads, and LW approaches the concept of appealing to the visitor in a different way that I don’t see most businesses trying.

Some other advantages of LW are::

1) Educating yourself in the essentials of email list building.

2) No experience needed in building and operating websites, blogs, etc.

3) Live examples in the video program portion.

4) Build a long-lasting income with enough commitment to the initial legwork, and this income will be almost 100% passive. You can disappear for a month and still claim the same average payment. When you do work, you get paid and you grow your automatic paid-vacation money tree even bigger, so work is obviously very rewarding and not hard to feel motivated to do.

5) It builds abundant traffic to a website/page, which can be used for all sorts of monetization or audience-building activities, such as contests

No doubt, LW is not particularly well-known, and there’s still quite a while before this email list building method is going to dry up or get more competitive. Most businesses online have probably never considered what it teaches on their own, but it’s not that big a secret. I would give it a shot fairly soon if you’re at all interested in getting some actionable advice for email.

So yeah, both options are really cheap to check out, the Funnel Hackers video area and LW. If you want my review of the latter, then you can visit this link to my website that goes into more detail. Please feel free to reply if you have any questions.

Good Luck!



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