When should I quit my job for a full-time affiliate marketing business?

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Personally, unless you can’t stand to spend one more week at your job, I would stick with it until you’re making something really good on just affiliate marketing income. And maybe afterward for a while, if you want to play it safe and save up some money in case anything affects the affiliate business later.

As far as job security goes, it’s a tough thing to answer because everybody’s different. But for some guidelines, here’s a checklist of things to do before making a decision:

#1 Research the various aspects related to affiliate marketing, especially competition. Study what’s working for other people selling exactly what you sell as an affiliate, or something very similar. You should always have a reason to believe that your closer to higher monthly income via your affiliate marketing business. Don’t stop anywhere, because there’s really no limit.

#2 Create short-term and long-term plans.

#3 Keep a backup plan ready so that you may continue to meet your financial responsibilities if, somehow, your affiliate marketing plan fails or does not give you the minimum income required by you to meet your routine expenses. I expect for you that won’t be a problem, though, if you’re already dedicating a lot to making it work.

#4 You should be aware of the resources you have and what needs to happen next. For example, you absolutely need a website, even just a basic one. But is it set up fully? Can someone find you online and make a sale, right now, if someone fired them up into doing so? Getting this far is hard for a lot of people, so they never get to really experience an effective sales process.

#5 Try to set up an ideal scenario for leaving your job, so that when you finally do, you leave it on a good note.

If you want some more ground-level advice in this area, I made a post that could help called I’m Ready to Quit My Job YESTERDAY, How Do I Do It?. It can be helpful for you.

In conclusion, you should probably quit a job once you feel it’s safer and more prudent than staying.  The best time to make that decision, I feel, is when you have no doubt about affiliate marketing carrying you through your bills and other basic financial needs by itself.

Please feel free to reply, if you have any questions.

Good Luck!



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