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With growing digitization, ebooks are in good demand these days. Writers and artists create them as media products, and businesses create them as marketing content. With multiple, huge groups of people needing to make ebooks, there has been an increase in developers and options. Let’s discuss.

There are numerous platforms for developing an ebook. To pick the best out of those would be difficult as each one has its own set of capabilities and limitations. Plus, as I stated earlier, different people are making different ebooks for different reasons. The best option for one person could be the worst for another. Assuming that you are aware of the basics of ebooks, their content development techniques and formats, I would like to tell you that there are two main options In case, you need more information on the basics, please don’t hesitate to reach out. The two ways are:

1) Web-based apps and plugins:

These are software that run on a web server. You don’t need to install it on the local operating system. The examples include Beacon (WordPress plugin), GoogleDocs, PublishXpress, etc.

2) Desktop tools:

As the name suggests, they are software that you install on a computer. Examples include Microsoft Word, LibreOffice, Adobe InDesign, etc.

Most likely, you’ll develop a design system of your own that leads to using multiple things in a sequence. For instance, I write ebooks in one of various desktop tools specialized for the type of book I’m writing. Then, after getting the final draft edited, I port that completed text to a coder to design an actual ebook file, with the pictures where I want and every other little detail sorted. Then, that goes to a typesetter and print cover designer, if the book is one I want to sell in print form as well. That’s just my system, and everyone’s is going to be unique.

In addition, since it’s safe to assume you are making ebooks as digital products that you intend to sell, I would like to suggest trying out PPC. It is an hour-long video program teaching you how to develop a digital product, such as an ebook, regardless of your niche. The program goes beyond the technical minutiae and focuses on building and launching a great product that practically sells itself, getting you the maximum amount of buyers for your hard work. Usually, people consider developing ebooks an easy process and ignore the real factors that contribute to their success. The proliferation of online tools are to blame for that. Those tools, no doubt, make the literal development process easy, but they do not teach the basic truths about what kind of products succeed in the market and which ones vanish into obscurity.

It’s important to look past the literal stuff sometimes, like the  tools and tactics. The stuff taught in PPC works. Since I am using PPC presently after the recommendation of an industry expert, I would recommend it as well. The results so far have been amazing. If you are interested, then you can visit this link. I have posted my review of PPC there.

In conclusion, any tool/method that meets your requirements and gives you pleasing results would be the best platform to develop an ebook. Do some research on multiple options and you should end up building your own personal design process over time.

Good Luck!



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